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Bordertown movie poster starring jennifer lopez

It isn t even compatible with a MAC unless you manually set it up with the help of someone over the phone in India. WHich I tried to do but as soon as they heard I didn t have a Linksys router/DSL modem they didn t really know how to help me. I ended up moving my DSL modem/router to behind my TV and plugged it into my Blue-ray directly. Probably a better solution anyway but annoying that the bridge isn t plug and play in 2010! AND WHY WOULD SONY NOT BUILD IN WIFI? Apple TV does it! Wii does it! Xbox does it! AND YOU KNOW WHAT? They are all plug and play!!!! Can you imagine inserting a disc in your computer to configure a wireless device like the CISCO bridge? Crazy. Apparently CISCO can!!!!! I guess we are all so spoiled by technology that when something bone headed like this comes along there is no mercy. I purchased a 47 Phillips HD TV a month ago and wanted to upgrade from an old Sony 5 Dvd/player Changer. The old Sony DVD looked pretty decent on the new TV but I really Bordertown movie poster starring jennifer lopez all the internet on demand features and of course the picture quality of Blu Ray. So I checked out all the ones with good reviews here on Amazon. Even looked at them at Best Buy. I always had luck with Sony products so gave it shot. Could not be happier. My house is cat5 wired already so hooking up the internet connection was EASY! I AM A MAC PERSON with an airport router comcast as my internet provider but this player you do need to hardwire from your router. All the reviews I read on wifi players told about speed and connection issues so decided to get a hard wire player. I had NO PROBLEM connecting up to internet features as hard wire is the way to go. I heard some Mac people have had issues, your home network needs to be named with all one word no spaces or characters. It was VERY Bordertown movie poster starring jennifer lopez and play. firmware prompt to update, you are prompted to setup your Netflix AND Amazon accounts via your home computer. VERY EASY TO DO! Just a heads up Amazon s regular streaming movies LOOK 100% better on my TV than streaming Netflix and Amazon also has HD rentals on demand. Glad I got a player that had the Amazon feature. I would have been very let down by only having Netflix. Regular DVD s look great but of course you can t beat Blu Ray I had to do NO color corrections for my set up. I did add an 8g drive to the back of the unit as stated in the manual for Blu Ray extras and buffer. So far the unit is working WONDERFUL! The on screen menu is SO easy to use. NO confusion with buttons on the remote to get to what you want to see. For a decent price you can not go wrong with this player. Amazon saved me a bundle! The only part of this purchase I was not happy about was shipping. It was supersaver from another company than Amazon. They shipped the player in the same box as it comes in from the store. I hope it was not dropped off the truck too many times as the retail packaging is not super tough. Other Bordertown movie poster starring jennifer lopez that IT ROCKS!!!! I hope this helps you decide with SOOO many choices out there! We have an older model Sony blu-ray player, and it is extremely slow loading. We were nervous about purchasing another, but this is totally different! It loads very quickly, and the features are amazing. We ve had it a month and have only watched blu-rays, watched Netflix streaming videos and gone to You Tube, but those features that we have used were great. I m looking forward to playing around with everything else on there. I bought this player primarily Bordertown movie poster starring jennifer lopez Netflix streaming. However, I had nothing but trouble with this product. HD programing would constantly pause to reload. Standard steaming was ok. I checked several times with Sony, Netflix, and Comcast. No one could figure out the problem.

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