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Bordertown movie summary

Sony insisted their product was working fine. So, I returned the Sony for a new Sony replacement. Same problem. I sent the second one back also and got an LG BD-3 No problems with the LG streaming Netflix. The LG works great. Also, the Netflix interface with the Sony is horrible. The Blu-Ray picture is impressive very clear, great color saturation. Connected easily to my Sony XBR-6 HD TV. Regular DVD disc upscaling capability gives a noticeable improvement, too. The discs load more slowly than on a regular DVD player, but I suspect this is typical of Blu-Ray technology because of substantially greater data to download. The Sony N460 remote control is easy to use Bordertown movie summary is well laid out. Though the player remote Bordertown movie summary an eject or load drawer open button, as others have noted, this poses no problem since you Bordertown movie summary to be at any player to load and change discs anyway. This machine is attractive and high quality cosmetically, as well. On the down side, since it requires Bordertown movie summary expense in added components, I have not used the desirable Netflix streaming capability yet. However, I expect this Sony model will provide equally fine streaming results. Overall, the BDP-N460 is an excellent value for money at the Amazon discounted price point. I originally bought this device primarily for the streaming Netflix feature, which I have used daily to occupy my 2 year old, but I also Bordertown movie summary myself using the integrated youtube and slacker radio often. Very simple interface to use. I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking to upgrade their DVD player and add some networked streaming services to the experience. Got this player so I could stream Amazon-on-Demand content as well as Netflix. All Bordertown movie summary additional internet channels were just the icing on the cake. Works well with my wireless system but will hardwire with ethernet for fast broadband speed. Plays both my BD and DVDs well.

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