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Bording gates movie

Now my review: Seems to upgrade my regular DVD s picture better than my old HD-DVD did. Remote works beautifully with easy to operate menus. The Linksys wireless bridge connected perfectly, using the network setting on the Sony player. No software to load! Just hook it up and follow directions on the screen. Internet streaming is fantastic wirelessly to my network. I can go to Youtube, Netflix, and many more. The picture is better than my ROKU Player!! I have been thrilled with this player since getting it for Christmas. The blu-ray load time is not bad, and the picture quality is great. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Netflix streaming feature. Setup and connection to my network was easy and fast. The interface is user friendly and updates are easy. The only problem I ve encountered is voice sync on regular DVDs. Pausing and unpausing fixes it, but it is a little annoying to have to fix it. When we replaced our TV recently, I was happy to be able to get rid of a 11 year old DVD player and get a blu-ray. I picked this one in part because of its media streaming capabilities. After hooking up a long ethernet cable, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy setting it up on the network was and more impressed by all the choices yes, I d like still more, itunes or the network feeds, but nothing short of a PC will do all that so far. We don t have netflix, but satellite packages with movies and we rent for ones we want sooner. The first blu-ray looked great and noticeably better than ordinary DVD, but it is hard to tell a big difference in our set up between 1080p Blu-ray and 1080i HD. And we ve rented a few films from Amazon a la cart and they worked without a hitch and looked just great in HD. That really increases the value and utility of a blu-ray/DVD player. Unless you have some other media bridge system in your set or otherwise, don t miss this really great addition. I have had this player a few days and like everything I buy I push it to see what it will do. I hardwired this player to my home network I needed to upgrade to BluRay and looking for Netflix because FIOS movies are kiiling me in pay-per-view pricing. BluRay features and quality outstanding performance fast load etc. Upscaling gets a 10 Netflix is a cinch to download and playback is very high quality. Internet services YouTube, slacker radio, Amazon Video-on-Demand and about 2o more services. I only care about Netflix the other services seem to be a total waste I played around with all of them for about 20 minutes and lost interest. This is a great player, easy firmware upgrade, easy to connect to Internet and general setup. I paid too much. But I think I got the expected SONY quality in return. I don t agree with the negative comments on video quality, etc. I highly recommend for the average consumer who wants a good return for investment, not a cheap flipsy cabinet like some other brands, very nice styling and easy to use. I bought this for my husband for Christmas 200 I decided on this blu-ray model for a few reasons: 1 Capable of streaming not only Netflix, but also Amazon Unbox purchases and rentals, YouTube, and Slacker Radio 4 Mostly good reviews on Amazon, minus the few complaining of poor Netflix streaming which I figured could be fixed with the latest firmware update from Sony This was our first blu-ray player and my husband was so excited to get it set up on Christmas day and start streaming Netflix through it so we wouldn t have to renew our Xbox Live membership, which we only use to stream Netflix through the Xbox 360, as we are not big gamers The Xbox is our media extender. We quickly got the BDP set up with a wired Internet connection on our Linksys WRT54G Router and Onkyo TX-SR507 receiver using an HDMI cable. When we turned on the BDP, it walked us through a fairly easy to use setup wizard. After going through the setup, the BDP notified us that a firmware update was available for the player, and indicated in order to use the Internet streaming features we must push the update to the BDP. So, of course we did the update and set out to test all the features of our new BDP. This is where the problems began. 1 Could not get any BD to play in Dolby Digital to the Onkyo receiver however, regular DVDs would play in Dolby Digital. Read the instruction manual and could find absolutely NOTHING to indicate a setting change to make this work.

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