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Bored check these movies out

We love the Netflix streaming feature which has opened up a whole new Television/Movie Experience. After some research I decided on this model mainly due to the price and options available. After purchasing this BD I decided to rejoin Netflix to check out that feature as well as the radio and video services provided. Testing bandwidth while streaming I had a 14 MB stream and without Netflix running a 69 MB stream wired. Yes, the Netflix at present at my speed is okay, I do notice a bit a jerky-ness it is not unwatchable. In fact I m now enjoying streaming Weeds from Netflix. I am thrilled with the picture received on BD discs. Amazing. The reviews I ve read on the up convert had me worried a great deal as I own a Sony DVD up-convert unit. In playing my regular DVDs I don t see the difference at all. I have to say I was very happy with my up-convert DVD player so the complaints about this doesn t bother me. I guess I may not know better. Overall I m extremely happy with this unit. Did some testing on Bored check these movies out Youtube and playing our privately shared home videos on the big screen was a plus. A great buy in my opinion and I m sure with firmware updates that Netflix will get better. This blu ray player works really good. It boots up almost instantly and also works nicely with my Sony LCD tv, the Bored check these movies out on the tv and this bluray can operate both devices and power them both on/off. I ve tried playing blu rays and dvd s and they both start up instantly. I ve seen Bored check these movies out bluray players and they typically can take up to 30 seconds to boot up and play movies, this one doesnt. There is a sleep/low Bored check these movies out mode available which also can make the boot up even faster but I did not test that nor do I have it on since I don t want it to constantly be on when it should be off. The player has a ton of features for internet video youtube, amazon unbox, netflix and an assortment of other internet channels. There are also radio stations available as well. These all work very well and have a unified interface to interact with their respective stores/download areas. Sony also spent time customizing the player for each of these Bored check these movies out streams to be the same so you have a unified layout for all of it. They did a really good job here. One thing I wish this had was the ability to stream local content on your home network. There is no way to stream ISO s or other videos on your home network to this bluray player. I know Sony has the ability to add it in, I just don t know if they will. The playstation 3 allows this, Sony should be more consistent and add features across the line Bored check these movies out their devices. Otherwise this is really great blu Bored check these movies out player. I bought this player after some research to find my first blu-ray player. It worked great for a couple of months, but dvds, and occasional blu-ray the sound would cut out slightly every 6-7 minutes. It would only last for few milliseconds, but for an avid movie watcher, it was annoying. I called Sony Bored check these movies out they haven t had anyone report this problem.

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