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Bored com tv and movie sites

It only takes a couple minutes as long as your Internet connection is good. Following firmware upgrade, no problems. YouTube feature seems to work well too, and I m itching to try out some of the other streaming content. All in all, an excellent product and highly recommended! I have had this product in my house for a month now and am more than happy with the picture quality in any mode. Most netflix movies streamed to the device look nearly as good as a blu-ray disc on my Sony Bravia TV. I thought this would be a good product but it went well beyond my expectations and the Netflix streaming is just the thing for these snowy weekends we have been having recently. Amazing internet connection nice organization of sites and ease of accessing videos from internet. Setup was a breeze I have direct ethernet connection but am purchasing Linksys/Cisco wireless bridge to allow other computer to use the direct connect. Slow loading reported by other reviews is not a major factor for me. Blu-Ray videos are great like being in a theater. Upscaling of normal DVDs gives very good appearance on screen. I have a Sony Bravia LCD TV I purchased at same time as the DVD player combination of two Sony products is great Bored com tv and movie sites they allow HDMI commands for turning on and off as well as putting TV into correct input mode. I bought this unit in December to stream Netflix. I also used the recommended cisco/linksys wireless bridge to connect to my wifi N network. Everything works fine, ALMOST. I consistently get a DRM-1 error when trying to stream Netflix. I am running the latest firmware Dec I reported this to Sony who escalated it to their Engineering group in late December. They indicated it was a firmware problem. I mid January, Engineering left me a message that others had the same problem and that it would be resolved in a few days. That was 3 weeks ago! When I talked with Engineering tonight after waiting 20 mins on the phone all they would say is that it is a network issue the way Netflix streams video and would not provide any indication when the new firmware fix will be available. ALL VERY DISAPPOINTING! Felt like it was time to update my very old Dvd player am so glad I – ray movies of course look incredible but the thing that impresses me the most is the upscaling of my old Dvd movies, the picture quality is very, very good on Netflix streaming was also one of the key features I was looking for and it is probably the one of our favorite things, we use it almost every day!!I am very happy with this player and highly recommend it. I originally bought the Samsung BD-P3600 with integrated WiFi access. After Bored com tv and movie sites for a week to overcome being constantly disconnected, I returned the P3600 and ordered the Sony N460 with the suggested WET610N wireless bridge. I have been streaming Netflix successfuly for hours without being dropped, and that on the 0GHz band which shows a signal strength of 13-16% as opposed to the 4GHZ band s 55-60% strength. I initiated the original wireless connection through the N460 menu which was quick and straight forward. I now run only the N460 on the 0GHz band and all my other wireless stuff like laptop, TIVO, WII, iPod on the 4GHz connection. I mainly got a BD player for its WiFi potential and have Bored com tv and movie sites run anything Blu-ray yet. I do like this player though and highly recommend it. This unit had a lot of very good reviews and that encouraged me to buy from the company that won the High-Def war, Sony. I m glad I did. This is an excellent unit. There are some things about the wireless Blu-ray industry all sould know. Wireless ready is all there is to this feature. You have to buy a full size wireless dongle about It plugs in the back and communicates with your Bored com tv and movie sites router. Several so called experts at Best Buy said this was not so. One even told me that the 2 GB USB storage you plug into the back for the BD live, is the wireless connection. Only use this if you absolutely have to. Otherwise the unit performs as advertised, Love it. Hey, granted I have only had it for a short while, but I am loving everything about it.

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