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Easy to set up, easy to use, outstanding quality all around. If you are like me you are interested in the Netflix aspect of this player. For me, it is working flawlessly. I have an Airport Extreme 80 11n router broadcasting to an Airport Express 80 11n which I have set up as a bridge. I have an Ethernet cable coming from the Airport Express into this unit. Netflix is working perfectly. I have watched 2 SD Bored housewives movies and 3 HD movies. All have Bored housewives movies without a single issue of any kind. Now, as always, if anything changes I will come back right away and update this review but as of now everything is working perfectly with the Netflix and everything else. This unit also has Amazon on demand video playing capability which is also great. Again, I couldn t be happier with this unit so Bored housewives movies but if I find anything negative at all about it in the future I will run not walk to Amazon to update this review. Make sure that you have a Cat 5E or faster Ethernet cable plugged into the unit, and make sure the unit is properly connected to your home internet network. Check to see if the firwmare on your unit is updated to the latest issue, and if not perform the update. I had to do this myself. see manual for how to do Bored housewives movies Make sure the unit is paired with your existing unlimited Netflix plan. see manual for how to do this Watch movies! see manual for how to do this This Sony Networked Blue Disc Player is a great product. The picture quality is stunning. Streaming with Netflix and YouTube among others a breeze. Practically no set-up time i did already have a network bridge installed, so that made it a little easier. Quick online firmware upgrades. Can t say enough good things about this product. Plus, it looks really cool sitting on top of my DVR. The learning curve takes a little bit, as in the controls and buttons. I have the Linksys wirelessG setup with drops out at times not sure who or what s at fault? Monsters Inc. not blu-ray upscaling is awesome. I ve got a Sony tv also so the sync is really s amazing how much stuff is on the is the Blu-ray player to buy, the only gripe I have is the wireless should be built inwake up I hope this helps you to make a decision. The netflix streaming capability has been great on this player. The setup was simple and I have not had any video quality issues at all. Overall I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I received this set for Christmas. I d been holding off on a Blu-ray player for the last couple years partly due to the high prices and partly because I hadn t noticed a lot of disappointing video results with normal DVDs that were upscaled. Also, there are a lot of Blu-rays out now and the prices have really come down. I have to say I m very Bored housewives movies with Blu-ray output. The clarity is stunning. Audio in True HD and the other formats is also incredible.

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