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I watch on a 46 THX-certified Panasonic plasma and audio comes from my Onkyo receiver that decodes virtually every HD audio format. This player starts up Blu-rays very quickly I have it on the fast-play option, which Bored housewives sex movies does draw a little more power, but I don t Bored housewives sex movies it s very much. Some people had complained about other players taking a couple minutes to load up, but this one is only a few seconds that I ve noticed. I did run an Ethernet line from my router to my entertainment center through the basement. If you can t do this, I would absolutely Bored housewives sex movies that you go with a different player with wireless. If only for the firmware updates, you need to be able to connect online. This one, as you ll see from other reviews, needs an immediate firmware update to give you all the many, many, many streaming features Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Epicurious, etc. All in all, an excellent choice! The product does exactly what it says, and works quite well, albeit not as well as the Roku HD. I would recommend this to somebody as long as they are willing to buy it new. The refurbished and used players have been previously registered to the previous owner so when it comes to the new owner me trying to set it all up, expect at least 3 hours on the phone to numerous tiers of technical support with Sony. The experience really did put me off their products and i m pretty sure that i won t buy another Sony product because of their sohddy technical support system. Here is the story i wrote on the customer Bored housewives sex movies survey after getting off the phone with them. I got transferred to 5 people over the course of 3 hours, nobody had an answer or the technical capabilities to remedy my situation. Finally after 3 hours i got to the highest Bored housewives sex movies of support, good companies Bored housewives sex movies all their employees well, not just the higher tier ones. I will never buy another Sony product. Conclusion, Good product if you buy it new need to be very tech savvy to set it up I wanted a blu-ray player that could stream netflix, that was my only requirement. I hard wired this one to my router and after a simple update I was streaming netflix, it works great. The Bored housewives sex movies player part works well, controls are intuitive, so it does not eject from remote, who cares! I read all the negative reviews about this player. I bought Bored housewives sex movies on Ebay on December 2009Almost new and did the firmware update via Ethernet. Wallah. everything works perfectly Blue ray quality is perfect Streaming is realy great. Anyone who is complaining about streaming quality. they need to test their bandwidth and if anyone is using wireless and having streaming quality issues, please do use ethernet cable instad of wireless. all the streaming sites works flawlessly. Only thing that Sony missed was the eject button on remote and DVD tray type. but I don t care about eject upscaling on some DVD s might be not upto par but those only only on certain movies only. so for the most part, this is a real nice BD player that works real nice for online streaming The product really is quite good. I had a problem getting Youtube to work. It was flaky would not load and tried connecting forever. The problem was with my wireless router. The distance from the router to the wireless bridge was too great for my old G band. I got an N band to increase range and it worked fine. If you think you have this problem take your cable modem and router to your player and hard wire it into a port on the router. Some observations with youtube: If playing a clip catches up to the incoming stream it hangs forever without re-buffering. It may get confused with out of sequence or missing packets and does not seem to know how to recover.

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