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Bored movie send

I do not see any buffering issues. The movies start, rewind, forward, etc. without a glitch. I tend not to watch a movie in one sitting so being able to resume right where I left off is great. One feature I like on the player is the LACK of an eject button on the remote. I had to put the player on a shelf behind a glass door the remote works through the glass door with no trouble. I was worried about someone opening the tray with the door closed, Bored movie send it s impossible. I need to open the door and hit the eject button. Bought this since it was advertised as everything a ps3 is but the gaming. Blue rays load quickly. I only gave it a 3 on upscaling as I haven t really had a chance to try it much. I was really interested in the Amazon Unboxed capability and other net streaming capabilities. Have used the Amazon service once and was greatly pleased with it no subscrption and time limit, would only wish I could stream content from my PC. I purchased the Sony BDP-N460 primarily to Bored movie send Netflix and DVDs. Added the Linksys by Cisco WET610N Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band Wi-Fi to access Netflix, Amazon on Demand, Youtube, etc. In order to setup Netflix access I had to login to Netflix and add the Bluray device to my account. Setup of the cisco wireless bridge was quick and easy. I have had this unit up and running for Bored movie send 1 month and am pleased with the performance and video quality when watching both dvds and Netflix. I have not had any issues with Netflix streaming being jerky or excessive buffering as others have reported. Perhaps this has to do with individual Internet speed or bandwidth?? Other than testing Netfix and Youtube streaming I have not tested other available streaming portals such as Amazon on Demand, Crackle, Slacker, etc. Perhaps Bored movie send me, the best is yet to come it is the savings I will realize from cancelling cable TV!! Great playerwimpy remoteno back-light! This player player plays Blu-rays great and the audio is awesome! I also love the NetFlix streaming video! I do it wirelessly using the recommended Linksys wifi extender, which I bought refurbished on Amazon. But my old Samsung daul formatBlur-ray/HDVD player had a sharper picture. Also it s missing buttons on the remote, one to open the tray and and another to random play music tracksthat feature is not available with this player. Also, you can t play music tracks through the front USB slot, only photos. Sony! What were you thinking? Overall, if you just want to watch Blu-rays, and NetFlix movies, it s a great player. This thing is awesome. I ve become so enamored with its online capabilities I ve yet to even buy a blu-ray disc. You can stream Netflix, Amazon on-demand, YouTube, and so much more. If Bored movie send would just add Hulu I wouldn t even need a DVR anymore! You can even stream NPR and listen to tons of podcasts. My only Bored movie send is not with the player but Netflix. Their online library SUCKS. The good news is you can get everything you d ever want, even new releases, from Amazon on-demand for 3 in SD and 4 in HD. I m going to drop Netflix in favor of Amazon s pay-by-the-movie service. A couple other suggestions. Although I have never tried the wireless setup because I already had an ethernet jack nearby, I would still suggest wired over wireless.

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