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And it automatically notifies you if there is an update so you Bored schoolgirl movie t have to worry about staying on top of it. YouTube plays great, although I hope a firmware update Bored schoolgirl movie the line will add some additional browsing features for YouTube. The DVD play buttons doubles as youtube controls such as fast forward, pause, play etc. USB port: Viewing pictures you have saved on a USB is a CINCH! I plugged in my USB and was viewing its content 20 seconds later. BLU-RAY naturally, resolution is phenomenal, must use HDMI Bored schoolgirl movie of course. I assumed it would automatically set the highest resolution but I found I had to go into SETUP/Output Video Format to set it to 1080p instead of Auto, not sure if I needed to do that but I did. I am still discovering the great features of this player but am already 1000% percent satisfied with my purchase. Let s be honest. Most of us who take the time to review a product do so with little or nothing to compare it to. Honestly, this is my first Blue-ray player, and I m happy with it. It connects to my Samsung DLP 56 and puts out HD content beautifully. I find the remote easy to use and I found the set-up fast and easy, too. I did have to connect in order to download a program update before the player would run the Web content advertised. Meanwhile, the on-screen menus are simple and Bored schoolgirl movie to understand. The player runs silently, and except for the loading of the very first Blue-Ray disc, the discs load fast. For some reason, the first disc took some time to load. I m not sure if it was the disc Ingloriious Basterds or it was some BD thing that needed to be initialized. It now loads very quickly. It doesn t come with a wireless adapter or even an HDMI cable. It comes with a standard def. RCA red/white/yellow phono plug, which is just plain stupid because RCA phono plugs won t deliver HD content. So, plan to buy an HDMI connector and a wireless adapter. After reading reviews and comments I skipped the wireless adapter and hardwired the player into my router with the ethernet cable. Also, make sure you get a Bored schoolgirl movie speed or better hdmi cable. Not all hdmi cables are created equal. The unit doesn t have a Bored schoolgirl movie deal of rear panel connectivity. None of them have much. You have the phono plug RCA outputs, an ethernet connection, an optical digital audio output, a flash memory connection, a USB input on the front panel, component out, and the HDMI output. I wish the unit came with a monitor out so you could connect it to a small monitor. In order for the player to provide full functionality as advertised it needs to have memory installed via a flash memory card. I don t use it because I really don t care about the BD-plus content. If you want the additional BD content you need to buy a flash memory card and plug it in.

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