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Borehole 10-x movie

It s not that much money. Other people here have complained about the Netflix stream not being as good as the stream through a Roku box. I concur fully. I am watching content at 7 mbps and I can watch a whole movie without buffering on the Roku. The BDN460 needs to buffer and the picture isn t half as good. In fact, I don t use the BDN 460 for any Netflix viewing. I use my Roku box. Other web content offered on the BDN460 Youtube is great. In order to get full Web streaming functionality from the BDN460 you need to have a connect speed of over 5 mbps and probably you should have at least 10 mbps. You won t get an HD stream with any less and I suspect this is the problem with some people who complain about their Netflix stream through the unit. Netflix and Roku will provide perfectly watchable Standard Def content at under 2 mbps. It s possible that a Sony software update will fix this problem. Figuring out how to connect the optical audio cable through your A/V receiver is no easy task. There are software switches that have to be set and I haven t figured out how to get it to work yet. I m listening to standard def Digital Surround audio via Borehole 10-x movie RCA phono plugs. It s fine but it s not what I want. Ideally, you should have a A/V receiver with HDMI inputs and outputs. This way you will get the Borehole 10-x movie def audio automatically. I have an older A/V receiver that doesn t have hdmi inputs/outputs. Basically, a very good player. Quiet. Full-featured. Nice and clean looking. I wish it had a better internal display or monitor out connection so you didn t have to turn on your big screen TV when you wanted to change settings but all players I know of are like this now. Anyway, Borehole 10-x movie the money, I d say it s hard to beat. Purchased this unit as a replacement for a Samsung player that died on me within 2 weeks. So far, my Sony hasn t let me down! Quick loading time, nice DVD upscaling ability, and having access to Netflix, Slacker, YouTube, nice! Once in a blue moon, I have has a few issues with movies streamed from Netflix needing to rebuffer, but I m thinking that is most likely caused by the Netflix servers I have the unit hard wired to the internet, and it s pulling down 20 to 25 Mbps speed-wise, so. My overall good unit, espicially for the price! Let s hope it keeps working!!!!!!! Connecting and setup was easy and simple. The N460 found the network connection immediately. Connecting to Netflix was easy, but did require registering at Sony and activating with a code at the Netflix web page. I cannot comment on the Blue Ray quality, we do Borehole 10-x movie have a 1080P HDTV, but the picture quality at 1080I is excellent. MY REVIEW IS FOR THE NETFLIX YOUTUBE STREAMING ONLY ON THE bdp-n460!!!! I got one for NetFlix and YouTube streaming and it works AWESOME! IT is perfect almost like a DVD Quality picture and I am using HDMI to a 1080P or I Picture. There is a firmware update out there It s 123 off the Sony site. Check it out and then try again if you have any issues! It s possible that you might have a slow internet connection or a problem going to the player on your home network if you experience any issues with NF or YT. I have had 2 units so far and both do NetFLix PERFECT As far as YOUTUBE there is a BUGIssue that some of your favorites may not show and you cannot play them. It is easy but time consuming to fix and if you need the fix please send me a message on here. I hope you enjoy this Sony! Great product so far! Background: I d been wanting a BD player for a few years now but never took the leap. I am not a technophile and can generally wait on things to come down in price before I go out and purchase.

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