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I figured it was their network or configuration. Well, I can Borg battle 3d movie you, the problem exists and it is very real. I started streaming a Netflix movie on this player and ended up switching to the Xbox 360 out of frustration. Both devices were plugged into the same router. The Sony streaming would pause every five minutes or so to reload. The Xbox 360 performed flawlessly. Also, the Xbox 360 Netflix app lets you browse movies outside of your instant queue. In the end, the Xbox 360 will continue to be my go to device for Netflix streaming. Hopefully, Sony can address the issues with Netflix support in a future software update but I m not holding my breath. I ve had this unit for several months, and I love it. Picture quality and Borg battle 3d movie are great, and having instant Netflix is a great bonus. I used to Borg battle 3d movie about 20/month on basic cable, but I decided to get a good over-the-air antenna plus Netflix. This combination saves me money and gives me a much greater selection than plain cable ever gave me. This player will pay itself in about a year. We re very happy with it! We love this Blu-Ray player. We bought it as a secondary player for the bedroom and it has worked out great. For some reason, I thought it had the Wi-FI built in, but it does not. To get Wi-Fi, you have to purchase a separate Wi-FI wireless bridge. It turned out better for me because it forced me to hardwire the player, which gives me faster streaming and downloading. Purchasing the network cable was cheaper than buying a wireless bridge and running the cable turned out to be quicker than I thought. The unit is very user friendly and the Netflix interface is great. Overall, very happy with this item. I have been slow to adopt Blu Ray. We didn t have it in our living Borg battle 3d movie where we had an OPPO DVD player. We have a large collection of DVDs and they look good up converted on our 60 screen. We originally bought the Sony for our bedroom where we have a 1080p 52 screen. The main reason we bought the Sony was to receive streaming video from Netflix and Amazon-on-demand and to dabble with Blu Ray. I work out one hour a day on an elliptical in our bedroom and I always watch a movie or Chuck Since we got the Sony, we ve watched a lot of Netflix movies and own the rights to the first three seasons of Chuck on Borg battle 3d movie at Amazon. They all look great! I find I am indifferent between watching Chuck in HD on cable or watching it the next day on Amazon HD from our cable company. It always streams perfectly with no lag! I m not saying there is no difference, merely that I don t notice or care about any difference! I suspect that the person who complained about the quality Borg battle 3d movie a poor Internet connection or a poor connection between the router and Sony. See my review of the Netgear Powerline adapter. We have Verizon FIOS with a nominal speed of 25 Mbs and a measured speed of about 6 Mbs. The Netgear doesn t Borg battle 3d movie it down. To get good streaming video you allegedly need about 5Mbs. I find that my speed surfing the web is Borg battle 3d movie obviously affected if my wife is watching a streaming HD video.

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