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Borg war movie

I watched movies from Amazon, the streaming is good. No jerks. Any standard USB works to play your photos. There are lots of choice for internet videos. The startup time is around 10 seconds. The internet connection fails once in a while, I need to power boot the player to get back the connection. I guess there is some software glitch. This happens after 1 to 2 hours of browsing. I highly recommend this player. When I first got this player I liked most everything about it except it did not support Pandora. I did an update today 6-18-2010 and was happy to find Pandora was one of the options in the music section. I also saw NPR was new to me. Getting Pandora was not that difficult, you do need to activate over the internet using the code you get off of the network screen advanced features in the bluray player. I have a Pandora account and all my stations are accessible via my player now. I m using a linksys WGA600N game adapter via 5ghz wireless N and it s streaming fast enough for music and video. I was able to get the FIFA videos which were pretty sweet too. I ve been using the player for maybe 5 months and it s been a very good unit. My first Blu-Ray ever and I am enjoying it a lot!! I set it up in 10 mins, 10 mins more for Netflix and Pandora sync and after that completely satisfaction. The DVD upscaling is great and wait until you play blu-ray movies like Avatar or Up! It rocks!! how to use its many many bonus features. I purchased this Blu-Ray player to go with our system, which consists of Vizio HDTV, Vizio soundbar, and U-verse cable and DVR. Setup couldn t have been simpler. I won t repeat what dozens of other people have said about the player and its capabilities yes, not having an eject button is annoying, but you can live with it, and the Internet stuff works fine for us, using a wired Ethernet connection to the U-verse 2Wire box. Instead, I thought I d focus on one important item the universal remote. I am determined to control everything in our system through one remote the one that came with our U-verse service, since it has the greatest number of dedicated controls and after much experimentation the Vizio soundbar, for instance, lists a remote code in its manual, but it didn t work, I think I ve succeeded. God knows why manufacturers make it so hard to figure out Anyway, the remote code that worked for me for the Sony N460 is 2 Obviously, this is for remotes that take four-digit codes try prefixing with 1 or 2 if your controller requires five digits. On my U-verse control, Guide takes you to the main menu of DVDs. Haven t found any key that will let me skip through scenes, but just about everything else is controllable. Huzzah! I was using my PS3 for Bluray, but wanted a dedicated player for ease of use for the rest of the family yes, the PS3 is easy to use, but I have a universal remote and dealing with the bluetooth converter can be a headache at times, not to mention I didn t want to burn out my PS3 watching movies all the time. This is a great player for the price. The only thing I overlooked was the wireless connectivity, but it isn t a showstopper since my router is on top of my entertainment center. Highly recommended! so far very pleased with the two movies from amazon that i rented worked very delivery from amazon good price great service very happy.

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