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However, there are a few problems I ve experienced that temper my enthusiasm for the product: 1 It would have been nice to have built-in wireless. Instead, I had to go the Linksys wireless bridge route, in order to get streaming of Netflix etc. on my Sony HD TV. 2 The bridge method allows streaming but on Netflix, movies seem to stop every 20 minutes or so to reload. That process may take 5 or 6 minutes!!, and sometimes the movie starts at the beginning so you have to fast-forward to where you were when it stopped. I don t know whether this is a problem with the blu-ray player, the wireless bridge, or the DSL wireless network, but I don t experience the problem when I stream Netflix via my computer. Anyway, I m relatively inexperienced with these things and am generally pleased with the player itself. This device works well and completely met my expectations. The interface is Sony s usual XMB, which works well with the Blu-ray player. Blu-rays looked amazing, and Borge the movie collin farrell DVDs were impressive with the player s upscaling. The internet video features are nice options, although it can be cumbersome searching something on YouTube with a remote, especially without predictive suggestions. Over all, I was satisfied with this device. So far good. I have Borge the movie collin farrell picture, sound and the streaming on Netflix is good. Glad I bought it The quality of the product is great. It is fast and the picture is great. I also set up Netflix to steam movies and tv shows. It really is amazing how quickly it Borge the movie collin farrell the process and how good the picture quality is. The representative at Sony was very helpful in helping me set up the procedure. This unit works very well. I like all the additional features like Youtube access, Netflix streaming, Amazon movie rentals and such. The only trouble I had was between the Blu-ray player and my Samsung plasma. Both units have a smartlink type of feature where one can be controlled through the other. I had to disable this because one would turn the other one off when Borge the movie collin farrell didn t want it to, and all kinds of other weird things. Once I disabled this feature on both units, I ve had no trouble at all. The USB port allows you to plug in an external hard drive Borge the movie collin farrell downloaded movie purchases. This worked seamlessly with a 1TB drive that I tried it with. I ve had this for about two months and I m very satisfied so far. I should start my review by saying that my purchase of the N-460 was a bit of an ignorant one.

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