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Borge the movie

First I should say I purchased this at the Sony Premium Outlet store in Wrentham, MA. They have lots of them at which is much lower than Amazon. You can get 2 year extra warrantly for 20 bucks and still be lower than Amazon. So far the unit has done everything very well, including playing Netflix movies without lag. I have the Linksys Bridge in place with Linksys wireless router all doing N-5Ghz. Lots of extra stuff besides Netflix so it was a very good buy. Performance is very good. This Sony Player does all that it is advertised to do. For Streaming netflix movies it is best to plug the wire from the router directly into the sony player. I did buy the suggested Cisco access point but after 20 or 30 minutes it drops the signal which is a common complaint at the Cisco support site. I purchased BDP-N460 for my wife about 3 weeks ago. She loves it. She uses it to watch Amazon on Demand Movies, YouTube, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The audio and Borge the movie of all sources have been great. Setup was simply. The instructions provided were easy to follow Borge the movie the subsequent firmware updates were no problem at all. I had to register my Sony Bravia television to watch Amazon on Demand Movies, but that was no problem. The instructions were on the Amazon website. I suppose having an existing Amazon Borge the movie helped. Some people had problems watching Netflix and/or YouTube; I did not. I also have a cable internet connection and so far, I have not had any problems with the buffering of streaming content. I was pleased with the delivery time and would Borge the movie from the seller again. This player works wonderful as the sony featured products. Also products such as Slacker Radio and Amazon Video Online are work well except Amazon looses the liscense on purchased movies after a period of time but their customer service worked with me. but Netflix promotes video when Borge the movie want, where Borge the movie want kind of concept, but their current or new release movies in HD is truly a let down. I bought Borge the movie player and subscribed to Netflix only to be let down by Netflix s product not Sony. maybe we ll get monthly subscription service where we can view New Release Movies in HD or 3D before the end of this Century. This blu-ray player is great as far as quality and functionality go.

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