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Great Product I ve been using Sony products for over 20 years. Never had a problem with any DVD, CD player, of surround system I ve had. So a Sony Blu-ray player was the next logical step. Great buy for the money! I have this connected to my Sony Bravia TV via HDMI. Having never used another bluray player I can t compare. But I can say that upconversion of newer films is awful. It is nowhere near HD. Upconversion of older films however does look good. HD also looks well. The interface is a little unprofessional, and I have nothing but issues with streaming content, which Sony states is the issue of those sites, not theirs. For Boricua movie torrent YouTube If you are excited to use this for YouTube Don t Be! Because of restrictions owners of videos use, more then half of Boricua movie torrent favorites will probably not even show up on there. If the original uploader doesn t allow embedding or viewing via a mobile phone, the video will not show on your TV. In my case I have 60 favs. Only 4 show up. Quite a bummer. I was also excited to stream Fearnet. But for the last month its been the same 4 movies. I m curious if the movies will ever change. I wrote to Fearnet and they never wrote back. I ve come across a few people on other sites stating the movies haven t changed in 5 months. So that sounds great. I HATE the interface for streaming Netflix, so I ll stick with the Xbox streaming, even if I do have to shell out the 50/yr for a Gold Membership. Bottom line I got this to upscale, stream via YouTube yet none of those things do what I want it too. I shouldn t have jumped on the 130 sale. I ve had nothing but good experiences with this player it was cheap, it played my Blu-Rays just fine, and the built-in Netflix looks very good. It can be a little annoying to wait for it to Update Internet Channels all the time, but I think you can turn that off. I d give it five stars if only it supported DLNA uPNP I ve got music and video on computers in other rooms, and it s annoying as all hell that I can t stream them to this box. It s not like Sony doesn t have the software to do it, since it s a feature on many other players and the PS Hopefully, a future firmware upgrade will enable DLNA, and when it does I m upping my review to 5 stars. There are currently 0 items in your cart. On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. Posted: Fri. , Jan. 4, 2008, 12:37pm PT Warner Bros. all but signed the death warrant for HD DVD on Friday, when it dropped its format-neutral approach to back Blu-ray exclusively. The devastating blow for the HD DVD camp came on the eve of the annual consumer electronics confab in Las Vegas, where backers such as Toshiba, Microsoft and Universal planned to promote the high-def format. The North American HD DVD Promo Group quickly cancelled a Sunday evening event, but banners touting the HD DVD banner as louder, grittier, scarier and tougher remained up in the Las Vegas airport on Sunday afternoon. The HD DVD Promo Group said it was evaluating its next steps in the wake of Warners decision. But to most observers, the writing is on the wall in favor of Blu-ray. Warners move to back Blu-ray exclusively is expected to end the format war bedeviling the homevid biz. This would be a sweet victory for Sony decades after Betamax lost the first format war to VHS and a blow to former Warner Home Video chieftain Warren Lieberfarb, who worked with Toshiba to promote HD DVD after he was ousted from the studio. Both camps had been lobbying Warners hard to go exclusive Boricua movie torrent since Paramount/DreamWorks threw their weight behind HD DVD in August. Warner is the market share leader, and thus its vote of confidence was especially desirable. Its move to the Blu-ray side leaves only Paramount and Universal in the HD DVD camp. Sony, Fox, Disney and Lionsgate all back Blu-ray.

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