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More after the Y 2011 High Speed Productions, Inc Name: index 00018310546875 Ships from and sold by. Only 9 left in stock-order soon more on the way. Want it delivered Wednesday, June 22? Having Trouble Playing Your Blu-ray Disc? You may need to update the firmware inside your machine. Learn how and see links to more information on manufacturers sites. Got an opinion about movies? Movie fans are invited to help shape the next blockbuster at Amazon Studios, a movie development website. Thousands of scripts and test movies are looking for an audience, and your reviews can make a difference. Learn more. Language: English Dolby Digital 1 DVD Release Date: October 17, 2006 English 1 Audio 448kbps In many ways Dark Water improves upon the memorable Japanese film its based on. The earlier version was directed by Hideo Nakata whose excellent shocker Ringu was remade in America as The Ring, but in the hands of director Walter Salles The Motorcycle Diaries and screenwriter Rafael Yglesias, this psychological horror story gets an intelligent and more chillingly effective overhaul. The story is rooted in themes of love and loss that Yglesias similarly explored in his excellent screenplay for Peter Weirs Fearless, here focusing on young mother Dahlia Jennifer Connelly as she endures difficult divorce proceedings and settles into a low-rent apartment in New Yorks cramped Roosevelt Island community, near Manhattan, with her young daughter Cecilia Ariel Gade. Amidst seemingly endless rainfall, Dahlias world slowly unravels, and Connelly is superb as a woman seemingly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Or is she? Could it be that Cecilias imaginary friend, and the apartments persistent leaks of dark, dripping water, are the ghostly manifestations of a young girl who had been abandoned by the previous tenant? Creepy atmosphere and high anxiety are expertly maintained by Salles, and supporting roles for Tim Roth, John C. Reilly and especially Pete Postlethwaite give the film an added edge of mystery. The tension builds slowly gore-mongers and action fans may be disappointed, but the cumulative effect is palpably unnerving, inviting favorable comparison to Rosemarys Baby. Unlike some other remakes of Japanese horror hits, Dark Water doesnt feel redundant; it stands on its own thanks to the impressive work of everyone involved. – Jeff Shannon The terror of DARK WATER reaches new heights on Blu-ray disc. Starring acclaimed actress Jennifer Connelly, the film Rolling Stone calls a torrent of suspense is a visual and auditory wonder in this revolutionary high-definition format. Life becomes a living nightmare for Dahlia Williams and her daughter when their new apartment begins to take on a life of its own. Experience every heart-stopping moment in razor-sharp 1080p, and feel the grip of every blood-curdling scream delivered in 1 48 kHz, 16-bit uncompressed audio. See, hear, and feel the excitement with Blu-ray high definition. 0 out of 5 stars Dark Water is Creepy and Murky, February 6, 2007 The ever reliable Jennifer Connelly gives another very convincing performance in this atmospheric film. The supporting cast is perfect and believable. The direction is clever and well-paced, but not heavy-handed for this genre. The scriptwriters created terrific characters and believable plot twists in this very suspenseful and eerie film. This is another well-adapted and even improved version of the original Japanese horror flick, but it isnt in the same vein as The Grudge although it is influenced by it. It is much more subdued and darker than that film and is more character driven. Some may not like this slower, more deliberately paced chiller, but that is what gives it momentum and suspense. I think its very well-paced for the genre it falls into which is the traditional haunted house kind of film. This film is worth owning, but not having seen the film in the theaters, I have no clue what was added to this unrated edition of the original PG-13 theatrical release. I can say that I found nothing objectionable in it as sometimes happens with these unrated releases. Less shocking and intense than other Asian horror imports or influenced films, but that made this a fun popcorn film for me and my family as there is no bloodshed, violence, sex, or nudity in this film. A very pretty woman splits from her husband and gets joint custody of her daughter. she moves into a dilapidated apartment that she plans on living in temporarily and for a while things seem to be going well but a leak that causes black water to seep into her bedroom causes problems for her. not to mention her daughter develops a friendship with an imaginary friend and after some haunting dreams and strange happenings around the apartment she finds out whats behind the black water realizes that she has to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to make everything right. The trailer and ads on TV made the movie out to seem like another idiotic PG-13 Japan horror remake and I can see why they did that because after all The Grudge blew up big time at the box office but the problem with that movie was that it sucked beyond belief which may have affected this movie too. this is more than just some silly idiotic wannabe scary movie, its thoughtful, clever, well shot and acted and a great story on top of all that. If the studios had actually marketed the movie that way who knows then more people may have gone to see it but you cant really blame them for trying.

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