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The Korean tech company says Apple one of its leading buyers of chips and other tech components has infringed on its patents for energy-efficient data transmission, 3G technology that shaves down the number of data-transmission errors, and a means for using a phone to provide a PC with a wireless connection. More NEWSER Samsung s Galaxy smartphone bears more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone, says Apple, and Steve Jobs and Co are slapping its rival with a lawsuit that claims slavish and blatant copying on Samsung s part. In addition, the Apple lawsuit alleges the Galaxy tablet is a Boring pretensious movies too similar to the iPad, the Wall Street Journal reports. The lawsuit, filed Friday, accuses Samsung of Apple s technology, user interface, and innovative style. More NEWSER A feud has erupted between Time Warner and cable networks after the cable provider released an iPad app for 32 live TV channels. Time Warner, which didn t get permission from the networks, says it is well within our rights to transmit to any home device, provided it does so through its own secure network and not the open Internet. Several networks fervently disagree, with one calling the move a land grab, the Wall Street Journal reports. More NEWSER The Business Insider figures youve also wanted to know how your favorite high tech concern got its name. Well, youre in luck! Here goes: SUN Microsystems: Its actually an acronym for Stanford University Network, the school where the founders met. Cisco: Actually not an acronym, as often assumed. Its just San Francisco without the San Fran, which is why the c was not capitalized originally. NEWSER 3-D television is a reality: LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony will be selling sets by the end of the year. But theyll all require viewers to wear 3-D glasses to get the full effect. 3-D for the naked eye is under intense development thats expected to take at least another decade. Dont expect 3-D TVs without glasses anytime soon, one expert tells Scientific American. More by Finn Orfano 1 pt, Edited by Lamar Stonecypher First came VHS. Then DVDs appeared. Now there s Blu-ray. Will the next leap in home viewing media be something you can hold in your hand Or will it be like the Internet always there but never really there at the same time. Ask the high-definition content streaming into your home for the answer. Ever new form of media up to now for watching movies at home has come in a package that had to put into a player. Its true that the quality of the video has improved over the years as VHS tapes gave way to DVD and now Blu-ray, but this simple physical fact hasnt changed. The advent of the Internet is looking to be a game changer though. A movie studio or content provider can have a film or TV show or pretty much anything that you want to watch kept as a digital file on a server that could be blocks or Cities or Continents away from your home. Yet it can still be accessed by a simple selection from a Boring pretensious movies to start it streaming into your home. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this next leap for home viewing? When people think of streaming, two things come to mind. First, that it is being downloaded over the Internet using a broadband connection provided by an Internet Service provider, and, second, that the picture is about as good as that of a DVD. Of the two, the first thought that only the Internet is used for streaming is false. Satellite providers, like Boring pretensious movies Dish Network, send a video stream in real-time to a persons satellite receiver which then displays the video in standard or high-definition depending upon what is being watched. Additionally a Dish Network also can provide a link up to the existing broadband connection to add streaming through the Internet for watching through the satellite receiver and onto the HDTV connected to it as well. The second conception, that the picture seen through the Internet is about as good as a DVD, isnt really true. But it does have some basis. Services like Netflix stream video of movies through devices that initially only displayed standard-definition pictures. This is changing, with popular boxes like the Xbox 360 able to handle HD streams as well as Blu-ray players having Netflix functionality. Truth be told, the quality of the HD stream is about what youd expect from a highly compressed signal. There are artifact problems and some fuzziness at times. The AppleTV says it can display 720p high-definition remember were not talking about upscaling to match the native resolution for the HDTV, but its still a compressed signal with some video problems that are apparant to the eye at times. Its fair to say that the convenience of streaming HD makes up for the minor complaints. And since people Boring pretensious movies to be forgiving when watching something they like, for practical purposes the HD quality is more than acceptable. The way that a film is physically handled isnt an issue when streaming is involved. The issue of how to control what is being watched is though. A physical disc can be started or stopped or paused at will there are no issues of a clogged Internet or a buffer overflow, etc. Streamed content can be started and stopped and paused too, and thanks to faster Internet connections most of the time youre not waiting more than 30 Boring pretensious movies or so before the film starts to play considerably less time that starting up a BD player, btw. Thats not to say that a streaming connection is perfect.

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