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Any problem or interference from the Internet will Boring stupid movies the picture. This could be as simple as too many people sharing the cable modem in your area so theres a delay in the video being streamed, or a major problem like a rainstorm soaking a buried hub and killing the Internet signal altogether. Or a power failure forcing you to wait while the Internet modem restarts itself. The one thing I know is that technology never stands still, but always moves forward. Sometimes that movement is stunted for example by being priced out of reach of the general public or requiring you to jump through too many hoops to consider getting it. But as people become more dependent Boring stupid movies comfortable with using Internet streaming content on a need to have basis, it is sure to take over from the act of buying or renting something that you have to hold onto. That may not be so good for the folks who sell Blu-ray discs, but it certainly will be of benefit to us who want to watch something when we want without having to exert any real effort. So will high-definition streaming take over? Were more likely to know in a couple of years than not. Please, enter valid email. Bright Hub is looking for talented writers to contribute to one of the fastest growing communities online. If you have something bright to say, say it here! Learn more here. 2011 Bright Hub Inc. All rights reserved. Posted April 28, 2011 7:04 pm by glumPuddle The Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD/Blu-ray sales got Boring stupid movies to a slow start when it released on April 8, starting off at the 4 spot. It sold approximately 25% as many units as Prince Caspi an AslansCountry. The following two weeks were dominated by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which released on April The Hollywood Reporter writes: The tally of Deathly Hallows, which had been released on a Friday and thus was on shelves only three days, is even more impressive considering Boring stupid movies No. 2 title, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainmentâs The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in its first full week in stores, managed to accumulate only 2 percent of the top titleâs total. Well, that s not surprising when the BR/DVD was rubbish compared to the previous releases. The special edition was rightfully panned for its less-than-stellar contents. I am sure they will do better next time around I hope I pray please? Luvlyday the blu-ray of VDT is amazing. I don t care what people say about it. I watched it on blu-ray and the picture quality was amazing and the colors were so vibrant. So it wasn t rubish. Rubbish? Maybe it just depends on your liking of blu ray, but is certainly not rubbish. People are really stupid in buying Harry Potter 7 part 1 on blu-ray, because it s really one movie spilt in two; what people should do is wait for part 2 to come out on blu-ray than buy both at once that s what i m going to do. The studio is just trying to find whatever excuse they can to milk even more money out of this already multi-billion dollar franchise. And it seems like it s working. This goes to show that Disney should NEVER have left Narnia, this release was SO disappointing compared to Disney s releases.

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