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I never said themepark RIDES. That s your word. Since last fall, the stage show ElecTRONica has been playing in Disney s California Adventure. It was a huge success when it began and helped sell merchandise around the park. Narnia doesn t have that. The merchandise is Boris karlof movies and practically nonexistent. Fox/Walden only have box-office and DVD/Blur-Ray numbers to profit on. It s worth noting that ElecTRONica opened months before Legacy came out. It capitalized, in no small part, on the cult status of the original film. They didn t need to make an expensive and tedious sequel in order to sell Tron merchandise. I would agree with your assessment of Tangled, though. It will probably be making Disney tons of money Boris karlof movies years to come. I doubt that ll be the case for Fox and VDT. VDT didn t do as badly as a lot of people are makeing it out. The budget was 100 million and the spent an additional 50 million. They made 415 million. 415 million 150 million 265 million. That s not a bad profit. I wish I had 265 million Plus it also did beter Boris karlof movies other movies. For example this weekened our family went to see Soul Surfer AWESOME movie by the way. It is beter then the adds make it out to be and after the movie when we got home I went and looked up the Soul Surfer numbers. It only made 32 million It deserves way more then that. I don t know how much Boris karlof movies budget was but VDT has made a lot more money then that. VDT numbers were not terreble. Dawn Treader had a 150 million production budget and an additional 100 million Boris karlof movies marketing. And you can t really subtract these numbers from its box-office gross. Not all of that money goes back to Fox and Walden, I d estimate movie theaters kept about 50%. Where did you get the advertizing numbers? And I thought the theaters would have allready taken their money. By your logic you re saying that VDT made 2O 5 million when 250 million was spent to make it. If they lost money Boris karlof movies stop the franchise. I want to see where all your numbers are from. That is the amount the movie made though. The Theatres have already token their money. Narnia s profit is still over 100 million. That s still a lot of money Dawn Treader made 104 million in North America and 310 million in foreign countries. Those numbers aren t after movie theaters have taken their share. You clearly didn t know what you were talking about when you were throwing numbers around for VDT s budget and you don t now. Okay I ll admit that I was wrong on the first numbers I didn t remember those right.

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