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Beautiful visualizations of the Narnian landscape, and Boris korloff horror movies excellent performances. When I reread VDT after seeing the movie, I enjoyed the book even more because I was picturing Will Poulter and Ben Barnes, and even Georgie, although she overacts at times. I was also picturing the Walden visualizations of the Ship, Magician s Island, Aslan s country, etc. Just Queen, not High Queen says: Even though I haven t seen the movies or read the books, I absoultely loathe HP for the spiritual reasons regarding witchcraft. The fact that Narnia is a Christian book/movie is the reason I m a fan in the first place! Evil? Seriously? Sure, there are some that are just irredeemably immoral with no good themes whatsoever, but that isn t the majority of movies. A few swear words or some violence does not a movie EVUL!!!11!! The new Thor movie particularly comes to mind. Very clean movie, content wise with only a few minor profanities, no sex whatsoever. Excellent themes though, like the importance of humility and self-sacrifice. Well worth a viewing. I have a reason why I would never see that movie. This Thor guy is supposed to be a god. The first and second commandments say that people should have no god accept for God and no idols. And i agree that just beacuse there s a curse word Perfer there to be non but you can t always have your way when it comes to movies or vilonce Passion of the Christ That s pretty violent but not evil doesn t make a movie bad, but there are other resons which I don t care to talk about here And this is yet another reason why it pays to do some research into a film before making judgements. Regardless of whether or not Thor is a Boris korloff horror movies in the comics and in mythology, in the film he is not. There s a brief reference to the Norse Boris korloff horror movies the Asgardians, but no character within the film ever claims to be a deity, nor do they demand worship of anyone. I don t care. I m still not supporting a movie like that. It breaks the first commandment. I m not watching a movie that makes another god look good, when God is the only true God. I m never in my life seeing that movie. So I guess that Boris korloff horror movies you ll be skipping Boris korloff horror movies movie ever made about advanced alien races since they clearly must be gods too. I normally don t comment on these little sorts of conversations between two people, but I m somewhat confused. Who is it breaking the commandments if Thor isn t a god? Just out of curiousity, not trying to be pushy. Actualy Primerose Path, he is a god. It says so in the adds for the movie. As for you, Bookwrm, I m not answering to your arrogant comments. If anyone here is being arrogant, it is you. You are the one who Boris korloff horror movies chosen to label anyone who watches Thor idolators, as if you somehow speak for God and know what s in a person s heart. As for the ads, remember those ads that claimed the White Witch would return and be the enemy in VDT? Yeah, that didn t happen. As I ve already stated, Thor never demands worship from anyone and never claims to be a deity. Multiple interviews about the movie described the Asgardians as aliens. Thor himself in the movie states that the Asgardian magic is just advanced science. But I can already tell from your other replies that you entered these conversations with no intent of considering that you might be wrong.

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