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It s a shame, because you re missing out on good movies and good books. Well, not Twilight. Twilight sucks. I got the movie on the day it was coming out how exciting! Actually my dad bought it for me by surprise. I liked the poor reepicheep!! I do not like the new guy for brave reepicheep!! Anyone agree? Sure he s new, but I say two thumbs down. I actually didn t mind Reep as much as I thought I would. I kind of liked his relationship with Eustace. But I agree that the book Reep is better in the movie he seemed too much like a thrill-seeker and less Boris korloff monster mash movie a valiant, noble knight of Narnia. Maybe the film makers thought the book Reep Boris korloff monster mash movie too stuffy. For me it wasn t that drastic of a voice change, so I was fine with it. Just Queen, not High Queen says: Yay I agree! I personally can t say which voice I liked better because they were both very good. It s amazing how the success of Narnia dropped so massively in VDT. Actually the success of the Narnia movies dropped so massively in PC, not VDT. Indeed, the problems began with P C, nearly ruining the franchise. People didn t go to the theaters to see A. Adamson s version of what HE thought the story should be This is such a ridiculous statement. How did the success of Narnia massively drop?! It grossed almost the exact same amount worldwide as PC. DVD/Blu-Ray sales are behind PC in the US don t know about worldwie but not massively. After just three weeks in release, the VDT was the 14th best selling DVD for the year already. In a week or two it will move into the top It s sales aren t as bad as people are making it out to be. What name could u come up with by combining the names ElenaEileentwin sisters? We have two of this in our house. My mom has a copy, and I got one for Easter. It is amazing!! This was posted on the 28th of April! When are we going to get more news? Definitely. I m bored, and some good news would be great! Just so everyone knows, I love Narnia, I love ALL the movies, and I thought the effects were good for the budget. Does anyone here think Edmund and Lucy are weird? Because someone said they were once, and I completely disagree. Lucy and Edmund are definetely not weird! On the contrary the re awesome! I also love all the films and I don t understand why people are so dissapointed! I just wish they would givw us some clue on what s going on, everyday I check Narniaweb and everyday I see the same headline! Just Queen, not High Queen says: I totally agree!!!!!!!!!! This is the first website I go to everyday and it s said when there s no news. It seems to me that with this website, there are huge gaps with no news and times when the news appears all at once. When they were at the very start of making the Dawn Treader we were constantly getting news! But now even the stars have left the limelight and i start to doubt whether we ll be seeing another movie anytime soon. Any Narnia fan is a Twilight fan? If so, is it possible to see Breaking Dawn trailer now?!!!!!!!! On Wikipedia on the Chronicles of Narnia Boris korloff monster mash movie fanchise page, it states that MN will be officially released in 2013!!!! Wikipedia isn t always the most reliable place of information, but they are usually right. So it has probobly been greenlit, but let s not call it official yet. But good news True, I ll take you advice and take it as an encouraging word. Just Queen, not High Queen says: Wikipedia is sometimes more reliable than imdb when it comes to movies in the pre-production and filming stage. They also have a detailed list of all movies released each year and when they are released. Wikipedia is only as good as it s sources. Since they don t list a source for the 2013 Boris korloff monster mash movie date, I would not trust this information. I m dying for some news, even if it is a April Fools joke, something something please. yeah, how Boris korloff monster mash movie a Boris korloff monster mash movie of the day? a discussion point? just to keep us active? i come here every day looking for a drop of narnia to refresh my palate!! you could solicite for discussion questions from the readers! Oh, Boris korloff monster mash movie is your favorite character in the movie VDT? For me it would be Aslan or Lucy.

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