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Its important to mention that taste is subjective, and if you dont like our picks, call us out and make your own suggestions in the comments section. If youre persuasive enough, well edit the list and swap in new titles. And as new budget Blu-ray Discs come out, well also update the list. Note: The discs on the list all were priced at less than 15 on at the time of this writing. Naturally, those prices are subject to change. For reference, here are some discs we considered but ultimately didnt include this round call them honorable mentions: Fargo, Heathers, The Silence of the Lambs, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Confidential, Bullitt, Unforgiven, Beetle Juice, V for Vendetta, Swordfish, A Clockwork Orange, I am Legend, Fugitive, The Road Warrior, The Dirty Dozen, Enter the Dragon, Risky Business, Dirty Dancing, The New World, District 9, and Gran Torino. Click on any image to view the movies we did pick. Update, June 16: We swapped in four new titles. If you have a question or comment for David Carnoy, you can submit it here. However, because our editors and writers receive hundreds of requests, we cannot tell you when you may receive a response. 2001 and Wild Bunch are indeed stellar transfers of 2 unbelievable movies. I would have included Clockwork Orange over the Shining not on the basis of the movies but the Clockwork transfer is a revelation and you see details youve never seen before. it is the price that is holding back Blu-rays mainstream success, most people dont want to drop 30 for a movie they can get on DVD for With ton of DVDs that can be had for less than 10 bucks 10-which is about the cost of a single movie ticket. If the players come down to 100 or less and all the movies more closely match DVD prices then I can see Blus market share really jump. Also, I still question the quality of older movies on Blu vs DVD quality. I know the newer stuff looks amazing in 1080p, for older movies though unless the director/movie studio really take their time and do a complete frame by frame restoration add amazing new audio or something to the effect. I just cant see justifying either re-buying a movie or spending more for it on Blu. Im also a bit tired of the movie industrys double dip game release a movie then months or a year later release a better version of it after you already bought the first one. The difference from VHS to DVD was huge, but not so much DVD to Just my opinion. I know you say that it is just your opinion that DVD to BD is not a huge jump, and you are entitled to feel that way, if you are talking about really big TVs, DVD starts to show its age and it is very noticeable. Also with the transfer of old movies. Film is a very high quality medium, even as compared to digital cameras today. If the master is in excellent condition, and the transfer is done properly, an old film on BD can be quite beautiful. I think he meant for the vast majority of the population, not just videophiles. And hes the difference from VHS to DVD was far greater than the difference from DVD to Blu-ray. Especially with how well some players can upconvert a DVD now though still not Blu-ray quality of course. With VHS to DVD you went from sometimes poor quality video cassettes that deteriorated over time that you always had to adjust the tracking with to cool CD looking discs that were capable of jumping between any point in the movie and greatly improved picture quality that always remained the same. With DVD to Blu all you basically had was better picture quality and audio with some added content that most consumers dont really care about. Big difference. So theres really not that great push with the average consumer that he/she must buy Blu-ray because its so much more superior and convenient when compared to DVD. Film is a fine media. And it is in my tech opinion 1 pixel. Film cameras were never measured in pixels or resolutions. Its up to digital conversion schemes to break it into microscopic pieces that are transferred individually and pieced together again to render the digital image. Think of it as Beam me up, Scotty! Same idea, really. There have of course been numerous ideas for new media to carry gelatin past an intense xenon concentrated light beam, through a aperture plate and lens to a screen, and some of them have held up pretty well. But I the fact does indeed come down to the original master, and then the created digital master copy. I believe that properly handled film can last many years, and hold up to the stress of the occasional run, but prints that were run in wide release are hardly suitable for use in rendering digital master copies. Also at issue for me is the ability of your upconverting DVD player to render the current 1080p standard, and also the distance at which you sit from your screen. I have a Pioneer DVD player that I have installed a third party firmware on, and its ability to upscale to 1080p is actually quite good. Coupled with the fact that I sit an appropriate distance from the screen, and that I dont have another moviegoers gigantic head blocking my view I feel that sitting at home, enjoying the films on a digital domain via DVD and exercising my at will use of the PAUSE button is currently my favorite, and most cost efficient movie experience. As the ability of digital formats and conversion algorithms improve, there could be varying results in quality between existing and as yet to be developed formats. But for right now, for me Im pretty impressed at what weve accomplished with 8GB worth of 0s and 1s. Film is a fine media.

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