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Born again movie

Better acting? Dark Knight. Better music? Dark Knight. Better editing? Definitely The Dark Knight. Meaningful messages on Post 9/11 America, torture, terrorists, vigilantism, politics, and the Bush Administration? Dark Knight. Katie Holmes? Batman Begins. I still prefer Batman Begins to The Dark Knight. Chris Nolan makes his best films when he follows one character on one journey, whereas his weaker material is symptomatic of a writing style tantamount to moving chess pieces around on a board, rather than fully fleshed out characters. I take all the things you say about Dark Knight being a fantastic War on Terror movie the only one that made any real money but its just not as emotionally Born again movie as Begins. Rather, its a series of arguments and ideas, somewhat closer to a political thesis. And I also dont think Born again movie editing is that great the film probably needs 5 or 7 minutes shaved off its run time, and the intercutting and resolutions to scenes become a Born again movie to abrupt for my taste. The price gap between DVD and BD is shrinking daily. Transformers 2, Wolverine and Star Trek were all 99 on Blu Ray at release. 4 more than the DVD version. The audio track alone is worth the extra Hell, Wolverine even included a DVD and a digital copy at that price. which makes me suspect a no-frills, movie only new release at 99 is coming soon. Now, its really a matter of the movie for me. I bought the above movies on Blu ray because Born again movie special effects warranted a high resolution experience. Same with the audio. When the Enterprise kicks on the engine and my bass kicks in, I want my pictures to shake on the wall. But when I go out and get, say I Love You Man, I dont see any point in spending extra for the Blu Ray because it doesnt really warrant it. I dont need to see the pores on Jason Segals face, and the pop soundtrack wont sound any better through 1 than the tiny speakers in my TV. Some people just dont need Born again movie extra experience Blu Ray offers. I have countless friends that STILL have 27 CRTs from 1997 sitting in their living rooms. But if you have an HDTV, especially over 40, the difference is gonna be quite apparent. Watch Planet Earth! And if you have the equipment the lossless audio is just ridiculous. I think Blu Ray is just great. And with the prices coming down all the time on the movies and playersUnder 100 for Black Friday its only a matter of time before DVD will be gone and this wont even be an issue. there is a major difference between blu-ray and but having said that, im not going through this again! i have a pretty decent collection of and i dont want to have to buy blu-ray copies of everything I have on DVD and then who knows what happens five years down the line when something better comes along and they release the same movie that i know own on DVD and blu-ray. i live hear a great video store that has a good blu-ray selection and then i can netflix the rest.

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