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Its hard to be too sympathetic when these fools bring it upon themselves and while it would certainly be horrifying to be stuck in that sort of situation, particularly with a baby on board the boat all by her lonesome, anyone with even a shred of common sense would take steps to ensure that this chain of events simply didnt happen. There are moments of tension that works and some nice camerawork helps things here and there but if you cant like the characters or invest yourself in the premise, its not going to matter much. A sequel to Born bad movie first picture in name only it was written before it was named Open Water 2 and features none of the same characters or any of the same cast members, the film builds to a tacked on ambiguous ending that doesnt do much at all to redeem this tepid picture. The AVC encoded 1080p high definition transfers for these two films are nothing to get excited about at all. The first film, presented in its original 1 widescreen aspect ratio, is incredibly soft looking and doesnt offer much of an upgrade at all. Some of this will have to do with how the movie was shot in the first place, its not like it has the sort of super fancy cinematography thats going to floor you, rather its fairly low-fi in how its been put together, but detail doesnt pass standard definition quality very often and darker scenes are pretty murky. Black Born bad movie are very inconsistent and theres some blockiness and murkiness to much of the film that saps out a lot of the detail. The second film, presented in 1 widescreen, looks a little bit better but thats really not saying very much. Colors definitely look better here but the picture shows some of the same blockiness and doesnt handle grain very well what should look film like is instead pretty messy looking. Detail is better than it is on the first picture but not by leaps and bounds. Dont expect much in the visuals department from this release because youre not going to get it. While the video quality disappoints, the audio definitely fares considerably better. Both films on the disc get English language DTS-HD 1 Master Audio tracks with English and Spanish subtitles and English closed captioning. The dialogue is fairly plain, though its always easy to understand and follow without any problems, but where the disc earns higher marks is with its placement of directional effects and background noise. In the first film, once our heroes are out in the water, theres some really impressive surround activity to Born bad movie for and some nice, detailed ambient noise. Bass response wont floor you for either film but things like boat motors and heavy waves do Born bad movie up a decent low end rumble here and there. Generally the levels are always well balanced and there are no Born bad movie with hiss or distortion. These movies dont offer the same sort of hyper-aggressive surround activity of more epic blockbuster type films but they do sound pretty good on Blu-ray. The first film contains a pretty solid selection of supplements starting with the first of two commentary tracks that comes courtesy of director Chris Kentis and his wife and the films producer Laura Lau. These two discuss the inspiration for the film and the real life events that it was based on as well as some of the difficulties that arose during the production. The second track features actors Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis and it obviously gives a different look at the production and details what it was like working on this project from in front of the camera. Both tracks do suffer from periodic instances of dead air now and again but thankfully this is the exception and not the rule. After that, be sure to sift through the two featurettes, the first of which is Calm Before The Storm 15:51, a standard making of documentary that covers location shooting, dealing with the sharks used in the film, effects work, and setting up certain aspects of the production. The second featurette is The Indie Essentials 5:04, a short but interesting look at how aspiring independent filmmakers might want to pitch a project to Lionsgate. Rounding out the extras for the first film are some deleted scenes 9:37, a very brief clip called Bonus On Location Footage 2:50 in which we see Chris Kentis swimming with some sharks, and a theatrical trailer. The only extra for the second film is a Making Of Open Water 2 20:08 documentary which features some decent behind the scenes clips and some cast and crew interviews. The disc also features menus and chapter stops. All of the extras on this disc are presented in standard definition. The first Open Water is a well made and surprisingly tense thriller that plays its cards right and keeps you on the edge of your seat thanks to some clever camera work and likeable characters. The sequel, Open Water 2, never manages to hit its stride and is a bit of a mess. Lionsgates Blu-ray offers very little in terms of an upgrade in the video department but does feature decent lossless audio and carry over the extras from the standard definition releases. Its unlikely that fans of the films are going to see the studio go back to the well on Blu-ray for these titles anytime soon, so if you fall into that category, you might want to pick this up but if you dont, this isnt an essential purchase and will instead make a fine rental. Ian lives in NYC with his wife where he writes for DVD Talk, runs Rock! Shock! Pop! and has contributed to AV Maniacs. He likes NYC a lot, even if it is expensive and loud. Agree? Disagree? You can post your thoughts about this review on the DVD Talk forums. Inevitably, the other leading game consoles will need a high-resolution video disc option, and with the format war now over, theres only one option to be had. So it seems like nows as good a time as any for the two sides to talk shop. A Financial Times report this morning cites Sony Electronics US President Stan Glasgow as saying his company is presently in talks with Microsoft about the possibility of it producing a Blu-ray accessory drive for its Xbox 360 game console. Glasgows comment was verified by VentureBeat reporter Dean Takahashi, who was also apparently seated at the table Born bad movie Glasgow when he Born bad movie his remarks. Takahashi reports that he raised an important technological point, however, and raised it directly to Glasgow: Xbox 360 games require a fast launch time for discs which Blu-ray may not be able to provide. Thus any Blu-ray drive for the console may very well be relegated to an accessory device for playing movies, rather than the principal drive for reading game software. Takahashi did not say how or whether Glasgow responded to his technical point.

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