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hidef gaming, now i never said that the PS3 is limited to 720p, Born free movie clipclip my said that the games that the studio houses are putting out are limiting them, dont belive me, check your sony ps3 games documentation, its right there if you care to read it, Devil May Cry 4: PS3 720p, 360 1080p, Assassins Creed the same, COD 4 the same not many support 1080p for the ps3 at the current time. Now i will admit this might not be true in all it is true in atleast the 2 that i care about. all the technology in the world is great for the fanboy, but for mum and dad consumer who dont have a hdtv, hidef is meaning less, only less then 5% of the US population have hidef, in australia its less then 1%, to these people spending 3000 on a tv and another 400 on a player is not in the relm of possibility. what can they afford, a little box like the appletv? sure Born free movie clipclip not, they like apple itunes, xbox 360? if marketed correctly sure why not, we get games too, a pc? hey they already have that. People stop being fanboys Born free movie clipclip look at the world for what it really is and what people actualy Do you work for Microsoft, I wonder. ? Really, what are you talking about? Have you ever played any game on a PS3? And thats too slow for you? Dont be silly! Its not any quicker on the XBox3 Telling that the PS3 is slow at loading games off of Blu-Ray its a silly statement. Blu-Ray transfer rates are much higher than DVD discs and that on the PS3 its not just a basic 1x Whatever Gates and Jobs might think along with some movie producers simply doesnt matter. People will keep wanting to touch what they paid for, they wont allow some rich people with no clue of capitalism and basic respect for customers to rip them off thru downloaded DRM crippled content thats a pain to transfer between devices and cant be played anywhere. Thats the main reason why holographic discs is going to be the next optical medium after Blu-Ray, and in fact Sony has already spent a lot of money of the technology and its working to deliver it in the next few years, probably when the PS4 will be released around the 2011-2012 timeframe. Then all your nonsense regarding no one knows Born free movie clipclip HDTV and such, what a pretty silly statement. Go back by 8-10 years and no one knew about Born free movie clipclip either, so what? Look at now and you see that things have changed a lot worldwide. And LCD and Plasma tv sets are selling like hot cakes, everyone is buying them and expect many more to be sold along with millions of PS3 and cheap BD players. Also expect a big push of BD writers and recordable media at lower prices by this summer. s, too far off, 2015, id like you to Born free movie clipclip into Steve Jobs office and tell him that, as well as the entire movie sure that the people at netflix would appreciate that too. Face it people Bluray is the last of the optical format for main stream consumers. Have you been on xblive? you notice those movies that you can watch online in HD? Those arent part of your xbox you know? You actually streamdownload the movie. 2015 sounds like something a Sony fanboipropaganda guru would say to the papers. Umm no thery are not the POS3 has considerable longer load times for example look at Lost planet. Even with downloads to HDD the load times are LONGER than the xbox 3 If you need the weblink i am sure i can provide for you. ears, probably when the PS4 will be released around the 2011-2012 timeframe Umm no Sony expect shte POS3 to last 10 years. By then maybe they will take bandaid their wounds and discontinue their crappy consoles. FYI the space isnt enough for bloray check out what the creator of Metal Gear is saying about the Born free movie clipclip game and how he couldnt fit it all on one can you say all cinematics? Actually, the load times are dependent on the game and the the console. Case in point: The Orange Box has a markedly longer load time on PS3 than the 360; however, Devil May Cry 4 after a 5 min. HDD install has shorter load times than Born free movie clipclip 360 counterpart. The only fault you can lay on the PS3, in this regard, is that its more difficult to develop for. As devs are getting more comfortable with the platform, issues like this will fade. The hard drive install sure helps the PS3 version of Devil May Cry. Yes but the range of development is large as there are larger load times like i said with Lost Planet. Sorry Zo Im afraid I cant back you up on this one. Actually the case often seems to be that most games on both systems use 720p textures and upscale them to 1080p. I think anyway My only current complaints with the PS3 really are the controller and the poor online integration. Other than that it is a pretty rock solid machine so far. The only reason I like the 360 better is it has more games I like, Xbox Live is just done right plain and simple, and the controller is the best FPS controller ever built IMO hands down. which can be read using the current DVD players, except it also holds an extra BD layer for extra stuff. Yes, the BDA have developed Blu-ray versions of the combo Twin disc that we saw the HD DVD side show.

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