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Born free movie lion trainer

Shame for them that life is not that simple and what comes around goes around. Sadly for the BDA the DVD Forum is unlikely in the extreme to let them touch DVD after the way they have treated the DVD Forum in all of this. Rather ironically given all the DRM/security intent behind Blu-ray the BDA cant commercially release anything to do with DVD due to the rights and intellectual property arrangements the DVD Forum holds on DVD. This is one of the really big trump cards the DVD Forum holds and I suspect itll be a cold day in hell before the DVD Forum let the BDA anywhere near their DVD rights. This is a prime reason why Blu-ray will never escape the niche. A switch to Blu-ray requires new media which leaves people behind in a way that an HD DVD future with combos discs Twin discs never would. Some people should have been more careful about what they wished for. Both of the competing high def formats lost this format war, its just that one of them has yet to realise it. Your right it is hard to convince people who just recently changed their VHS libraries to DVDs to move onto Bloray. Some Sony Fanbois believe the breakfast talk that the next gen of media is Holgraphic but its not there are already disks in the works 500g and they will be the next generation. Note that the 360 is on the Verge of Worst Gaming Console due to its failure rate 16%. Thiis precisely why I waited until Dec 2006 to buy one, then I got the Elite at Halo launch. Not one problem on either console. The first gen 360 consoles are horrible, the failure rate is insane on those things. Luckily for Sony, the PS3 is holding up nicely in the failure department. The sam cant be said for the PS2 though. They are worse than MS with failures. I dont own a 360 and I wont until two things happen. Decide to put a One time a HD-DVD BR Drive IN Not on the side of the 3 Get the failure rate down to 3% 5%. 16% is just waaaaaaaaaaay to high for ANY product! I have never had an issue with my PS2 which I still have and bought back in 1 My PS3 is well ventilated. For those who own a PS3, I did a heat sensor test, it run cooler on its side then standing up. The only PS2 console I heard with issues was the Slim which seems to have backward compatibility issues too. They used a different chip which ran cooler, hence the ability to make the slim. Only console I ever killed was my PS Original Playstation but that was used my Shore house and we use to play Drunk on it and use it for EVERYTHING, so it took some abuse. Wow, now that is amazing that you got your ps2 in 1999, when it wasnt even out until It is very well documented that playstation 1 2 had some significant problems, even the slim-lines continued to have problems, dont know about the new version if they wiped those away or not. Disk Read Errors were a huge problem on the ps2 and the slim-line had this issue of overheating after an hour or so.

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