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It is typical MS that when they make the new product, to kill off Born in 45 movie support for the old. Still an Option which should not be. How would you like to be that kid home that goes to play a game to find out Hard Drive Required, please go spend 100 more! Meanwhile the PS3 at 50 less then what you would spend on that XBOX and HD combo comes with everything needed and the HD is 20GB more. Fine, NVIDIA gave up. There are not other GPU makers out there? MS could not approach ATI? PS2s chip maker has Born in 45 movie given up Yet. It is typical MS Born in 45 movie when they make the new product, to kill off all support for the old. Id say thats pretty typical for any company. If the warranties are up, why should they? Yeah, they would not make the GPU anymore because the volumes were so small; no one was buying the first XBox as it was a total failure. You do realize ati and nvidia use different chipsets right? Who said anything about warranty? If that is your Logic, PS2s that were up like mine which was bought in 2000 were up long ago, but I can still get supportbuy game for it. My car is 14 years old, the warranty was up in 1999 if I remember right, yet I can still get parts and service on it from the Manufacturer. Your logic says Sony and other companies should just give up once a new product comes out. In this case the PS2 should just die since the PS3 is out. Yet I still see new games and such coming out for the PS I am looking for CONVERGENCE! I have enough things taking up space that could have been built into something else. For instance, my VOIP Linksys The Plug that powers it is larger the the box that hooks to the phone. They could have made it one box, bUt NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have a Wireless Router, a Cable Modem and a VOIP Adapter. Three Devices, three Plus, why cant it be in one? Its not like its Pretty or something I am going to show off to my friends. A 360 with a HD One Time or a BR drive is it the core is still a high end game console, it just happens to be able to read a broader array of Media and it allows game makers to produce more content for the games. You buy that 60 game and it last 8 Hours. Chances are you had fun, but the fact that it was so short upsets you. Imagine if that game could have been 20 Hours of play and the only thing holding it back prior was the fact that developers ran out of Disc Space. I am trying to HELP you all if you have not read into that yet. Not buying a Hard Drive is nice, but since most games REQUIRE it anymore how would you like to be that kid that cant play the game he wants because Mom and Dad did not buy the 360 with a Hard Drive? You know when CDROM drives were first introduced for the PCsMAC most said they were to expensive and there was no need for them, where are we at now? Chances are I am older then most of you and I remember the BETAMAX conflict. If you do your Homework, BETA tapes were a better media the VHS, but Sony said We will not allow any adult based moviesmaterial to be produced on our media. Then the adult industry wen to VHS, they did not care, that is why it failed. Bottom line, if you allow a media to be put into homes weather it be HD or BR, whichever one gets the freedom to produce for its customer, it will be a win-win for all. BETAMAX cut themselves off by not allowing the Adult Industry to use their Media. Back then, there was no Internet and like today, PORN is still the 1 Media purchased overall. In this case, if BR is allowed to be on the XBOX and PS3 Which is is standard it makes for a better and more compatible future for all gamers and movie buffs because it creates a Media Standard which is what happened to VHS and it succeeded tremendously for all. Dont get me wrong, unless you have an HDTV then you really cant take advantage of the 360 or PS3 how they were meant to be. I dont hate the 360 Except for its 16% Failure rate It is not about Movies, its about making a Standard. Uhmmm, you mean your TV only has one connection for your PS3? What cheapass TV did you get? My reciever can connect everything too. I have my PSone, N64, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Gamecube, Wii and HTPC all connected to my HDTV and still have room for more. By your way of thinking, when a new console comes out, you just throw the old one and its games in the closet. That really makes no sense! If that is your Logic, PS2s that were up like mine which was bought in 2000 were up long ago, but I can still get supportbuy game for it. Games are made by Developers, not the console manufacturer. Try to stay on topic, eh? Any lack of new titles for the XBOX is a developer decision, not MSFTs. My car is 14 years old, the warranty was up in 1999 if I remember right, yet I can still get parts and service on it from Born in 45 movie Manufacturer. Again, this is unrelated. Will Sony take back an original PS2? How about a PS1? If they will fix it, would it be cheaper to buy a PS3? Your arguments are meaningless. Games! manufacturer support, nor is auto-support even close to being a related industry. My logic is fine, youre absurd stretching to find ways around it laughable. Wireless is convenient for those that the Router is 100ft away.

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