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So I guess they had the new DRM cracked before Avatar was released and/or got hold of a copy early I would assume it is the ones who are saying the disc plays normally and doesnt have any un-skippable crap. DRM sucks, but upgradable DRM is part of the BD standard and something that should be anticipated for by the manufacturers. If your really high-end BD player doesnt have a firmware upgrade coughDenoncough its not the media companys fault. Also, BD rips are not full quality. The sound is often very downsampled. obvious troll is obvious. Piracy however you want to spin is, is not, nor will it ever be equal to theft. Because no actual goods were taken. Take your moral highground, and stuff it with a few dictionaries and lawbooks. DVD and Blu-Ray are both significantly usually MPEG Boycott is the perfect from of peaceful protest. This is the only protest they will understand. Unfortunately we are not organized or disciplined enough to do this. Personally, I have only one BlueRay disc that was a gift. I do not Born movie videos enough about the movies to buy them. I did everything they expensive cables, updated/upgraded software and firmware, expensive and it would not play BluRay after hundreds of dollars until I purchased a program to circumvent DRM. I dont copy, I dont share, but Im forced to break the law to view my legally purchased movies. What a country! Completely in the pocket of the entertainment industry. And I have come to the opinion that BluRay is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public. There is only Born movie videos quality difference. I did a test with a BluRay and a regular DVD which was upscaled and COULD NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE. BluRay is just a gimmick to foist DRM on the paying public and extort billions of extra cost from their legal users. I no longer get just a waste of money and it only makes me mad. I have a blue ray rip and Avatar the was 1 gig in 720 format that I found out in the wild. It seems to work fine on the work that I play it on. It doen not have any of the annoying features that others have. First, the issue with that Born movie videos Samsung player isnt unique and its been reported before. Apparently, Samsung isnt Born movie videos good BD players to begin with, and the firmware issue just compounds it. Thus, if youre looking for a BD player, shun Samsung until they work out the issues. Second, articles like this only inform those in the know, given another just recently stated this particular movie is breaking sales records, meaning, people simply dont give a damn about DRM. If they did, then this movie wouldnt be breaking sales records. Consumers are the least educated in this regard and the only time theyll have a problem with it is when Born movie videos movie simply wont play. However, a telephone call to customer support will return them to their happy state once a firmware is updated. DRM? Meaningless as along as it can play. Unskippable previews? Bathroom/snack breaks. Its a losing battle against DRM on movies when the majority of consumers simply just doesnt give a damn. Article isnt to clear. Blu-ray and DVD are 2 different formats. There is no such thing as a Blu-ray DVD. DVD is mpeg 2 and Blu-ray is h 64 encoded.

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