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Blu-ray rips have DTS audio so the claim of HD rips having downsampled audio is incorrect. There is the compressed rip 1080p around 14gb, a full copy would be about anywhere from 25gb to 49gb and is probably available already. Just clearing things up. At first read I thought that DVD format was not playing well in a blu-ray player. Now I see its blu-ray disk on blu-ray player. Maybe it isnt a big deal for tech savy people but my parents would be totally confused. They wouldnt have their Blu-ray player connected to the internet so how would they get the firmware update installed if they even figured out that is what was needed? They have a computer but dont own any flash drives or even any blank CDs so either of these methods would be a less than ideal. DRM is a means by which a company can suck more money out of the consumer. It prevents me from taking my movie and watching it on my iPod/iPad though there are some movies that Born movies with digital downloads and such. It prevents me from making copies of my valuable, yet fragile diskshow many DVDs have I replaced????. To the gentleman aboveAJB, there is indeed a VERY perceptable difference between upconverted DVD and a BD, if you are unable to see this significantum, order of magnitue difference, then either you do not have your players wired correctly, or your TV is unable to display full 1080p. Try again. DRM is a good idea, but the implimentation is very poor. DRM excludes and denies fair use principles. It denies the consumer choice and Born movies abiliity to protect their investment. There are many excellent reasons to fight DRM. The incovenience is certainly a good one, circular logic is Price is high partly because they have to keep upgrading drm to prevent but, time and again, it has been provenSONY that DRM ONLY affects your legitimate customers and in part drives those to priates do NOT see your adverts, your warnings, your preview and MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY NEVER SEE YOUR DRM Only the ones that are interested in actaully purchasing your product are subjected to the added cost of DRM on the players and on the You know BluRay Burners keep getting cheaper. Right now I can get one for under 200 with blank disks being about DRM sucks, but upgradable DRM is part of the BD standard One of the reasons why I, among many others, refuse to buy Blu-Ray. I dont appreciate paying a premium only to be lectured to about not being a pirate or blocked from playing my legally purchased disc that I bought while on holiday in a different artificial region. Its bad enough that I have to use VLC or something similar with DVD to skip the Born movies messages and cant play other regions discs on my primary DVD-capable device Xbox 360 when I have legally paid for the content without having to worry about firmware, Born movies connection and the like. If your really high-end BD player doesnt have a firmware upgrade Born movies its not the media companys fault. Nor is it the customers fault, hence the complaints. Theres a very easy way for the firmware upgrade not to be an issue make all discs compatible with the basic firmware. One easy way to do this is not to enforce DRM protections. I HATE unskippable ANYTHING on a DVD, this makes me sad I bought the movie for my Dad for his birthday Ill not make that mistake again. Last DVD I buy for Born movies as a present. Maybe I should go torrent him a copy too and give it to him as well so he can watch it without having to sit through commercials. This is the only protest they will understand.

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