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Born musicans west africa movie

Sadly, no its not. If a large number of people boycott, they will just claim that piracy is taking away their sales. They will either make up numbers to support these claims as they do at the moment or they will claim that the current level of piracy are unprovable due to more underground encrypted methods being used. they will never admit that their problems are down to their own actions. Even if nobody actually pirated, it would get used as the scapegoat for their losses. The only real way to force their hand is for people to insist on only buying non-DRMed, non-region controlled products. But, since the biggest titles are often the most infected and the masses tend to be morons, this will never happen. for those old enough to remember, dvd at the start had many of the same sorts of issues. this disc would not play on that player, this one read this format, this one didnt read that format, and oh god, those dvd9 and dvd15s blew out a whole bunch of players. karl i would think someone like you would remember this. I asked if it was legal to download a copy off torrent so I dont have to watch the commercials over and over again. I send them a nice pissed-off email about how I paid for the damn DVD I dont think its a deal when I cant skip over the commercials. Lets assume I REALLY like the movie and would watch it a few times that would be really annoying. The best part is that I only bought one copy for my Dad for this Birthday I might buy another copy for me and a friend IF they respond appropriately on the email. Say its ok to download the torrent once Ive bought the movie. Offer to send a disc for free without locking it down so I have to endure the commercials. The other option is that I buy something else, like maybe baseball tickets or something that doesnt involve the movie industry. This is really getting on my last nerves, between my father and myself we probably own 500 DVDs. But Im getting SICK of buying this crap like this. Its not Old People who are doing this, it is stupid people and greedy people, and greedy stupid people. When are they going to die off? We have a Pioneer BDP-120 that wont play the Avatar BR disc. After finally got a screen that informed us our player needed an update. Rather annoying since weve only had it two months. The problems you describe were while the DVD format was maturing and becoming standardised. It was the nature of the beast for such a brand new format and was not by specific design. Those problems quickly disappeared as the format matured and became widespread. Here, on the other hand, Blu-Ray is at the point where it is meant to have matured. Any format issues should have been ironed out during the battle with HD-DVD. However, that havent because in this case they are by design. Were not talking about incompatibility and using early adopters as glorified beta testers as in the DVD days, were talking about people being specifically targeted by DRM that assumes they are criminals. Thats the difference, and its quite a significant one. Logical and concise Kyle. The fact is I saw my room mate watching the copy he downloaded DAYS after we went and saw it at the IMAX. Trying to defuse a bomb that has already gone off is just another example of poor strategies by the film industry leaders. Like the record companies and RIAA left a HUGE gap in the market for iTunes to come in, this is the gap the MPAA will have exploited as soon as someone with a lot of money and a little balls comes to market with a workable platform. HULU was a good start in the right direction, but until you can force the hand of the studios or educate them on the technologies of the 21st century pirates will continue to exploit the stupidity of the members of the MPAA. The movie it self has value thats why customers want it, however their methods of distribution add negative value to the product their by making it cheaper and easier to acquire through other means. Also if you plan to make someone watch 20 min of commercials just to watch your movie then dont charge for it.

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