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Born onthe fourth of july movie

I have a blue ray rip and Avatar the was 1 gig in 720 format that I found out in the wild. I rented Avatar from Blockbuster I know Im evil, but heyand there was no unskippable crap. I was shocked to say the least. As for their DRM, its like putting on a condom after you notice the burning sensation. I agree. I dont worry For the Born onthe fourth of july movie reason that all the late 70ies and 80ies IP is comming back into Born onthe fourth of july movie Look at the slew of comic books movies scince the early 2000s Later on, DRM and all the copyright business will die off. Because the younger generation that had t live and walk through all the muck will eventually take power. And grass Born onthe fourth of july movie contain chlorophyll. Whats youre point? I think secretly the studios want people to pirate their goods they probably feel guilty deep down inside for ripping off hard working people all these decades and feel they should die off forever. Of course it looks the same on your small TV. Most sets are too small to really take advantage of HD to begin with. Either that, or you are legally blind and should not be participating in this debate at all. There is a huge difference on bigger TVs mine is 65, queue the penis size jokes now, and BluRay is the best picture and sound quality going. DVD isnt awful, but BD is awesome in comparison. Ill take BluRay over DVD and especially over crappy quality downloads every time. Guess I will go download it via bit torrent. I watched avatar on my ps3 sunday. Goof movie etc etc. Yesterday I popped in the Born onthe fourth of july movie disc to watch the extras and got the mesage my Japanese ps3 had the wrong region code. It was my understanding Sony was doing away with region codes. Now I have a movie and a coaster. Thanks Sony! Blu-Ray usually uses a couple different MPEG4 variants called AVC and VC Actually, the judge in the Tenenbaum case hinted that she would look very kindly on a download in which the party already owned the material but was downloading for format shifting purposes. I would say that while buying it and downloading it may result in a series of legal events that you dont want to be part of, it may ultimately be legal. BBC has 4 high quality tv channels numerous radio stations all for á¸11 per month: AND NO ADVERTS. Best value by far. As a person outside britain how would I subscribe to this? Do they offer this as a streaming service? In other news, visual quality is highly subjective and reliant on the visual acuity of the individuals eyesight as well as the combination of equipment being used. Its the same way that many people literally cant tell the difference between FLAC and MP That while audiophiles will wail and howl about how inferior MP3s are to their preferred format, many just cant tell the difference between an HD and upscaled SD format. Thats the way it is, and no need to attack or question anothers opinion on this subject. It also illustrates how dangerous the studios tactic is if theyre trying to depend on merely offering a higher def image to try and make more money from the masses. I knew this was coming when they talked about live updates and downloaded content, yada yada its total BS. You want to protest? Dont buy their crap, any of it. Lets see how much they love DRM when people begin refusing to put up with this kind of stuff. The only real way to force their hand is for people to insist on only buying non-DRMed, non-region controlled products. Why would that work? If their complaints about piracy and business models are not fact-based, why would shifting demand from DRM media to non-DRM work any better than shifting from DRM to nothing? If the DRM-encrusted blockbusters are not making as much money as the MPAA think they should, theyll go to Congress or just bypass Congress entirely for new laws regardless of what else is happening in the market, whether that is nobody watching movies anymore, everyone downloading illegally, or buying non-DRM movies. Now we have to buy the commercials/previews we are forced to watch? How about you put the commercials/previews in a separate section of the disc? I think more people would watch them if they didnt feel like they were think I have seen some DVDs do this and I actually selected the previews that I wanted to watch and when the movie came out I went and bought the DVD or saw it at the movies. If you force me to watch commercials/previews, Ill go to the bathroom and make popcorn while the menu comes up and I wont watch any of them.

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