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If their complaints about piracy and business models are not fact-based, why would shifting demand from DRM media to non-DRM work any better than shifting from DRM to nothing? If people were to boycott everything and the sales of everything Born rich movie as a result, theres no particular message that will be heard. The corporations will stick to their scapegoat of piracy. If, on the other hand, sales stay within expected levels, only with the sales shifted from DRMed/region-controlled crap to more consumer-friendly items, this sends out a message thats more difficult to ignore. If the DRM-encrusted blockbusters are not making as much money as the MPAA think they should, theyll go to Congress or just bypass Congress entirely for new laws regardless of what else is happening in the market, whether that is nobody watching movies anymore, everyone downloading illegally, or buying non-DRM movies. Agreed, but the case is that much more difficult to prove if it ever gets there. The question of why the large Born rich movie of non-DRMed media had increased while the DRMed sales had plummeted would have to be answered in court. There would also be more chance that some sense would be seen by the studios before trying this as with the record companies when they abandoned DRM a few successful trials of non-DRMed media would confirm the message thats being sent. I admit thats optimistic, but its more realistic than hoping that the studios would do the right thing if a blanket boycott were successful. Sweet Jeebus, Born rich movie post is so full of stupid I dont know where to begin. DVD is not uncompressed. DVD uses MPEG-2, which is a form of lossy compression. Given, its perceptual and high-enough bitrate that it looks good and can even be comrpessed further with good results, but its not uncompressed or even losslessly compressed video. DRM does not bloat the file size by 300%. In fact, it doesnt affect the file size in any significant way whatsoever. As far as those chunks go, the main reason you see VOB files smaller than 2 GiB is because at the time the DVD format was specified, many operating systems and utilities had problems dealing with files larger than that. Im not sure Born rich movie BR disks Born rich movie laid out, but so called large file support is the norm now, so theres no reason to have a single stream in more than 1 file. Whats more, BR discs are Born rich movie 25 or 50 GiB for SL vs. DL discs. Thats a lot more than 2-3 2 GiB chunks. By the time that happens youll be an old people too. Then someone like you will be waiting for you to go bye bye. What a waste. Just enjoy your own life and live and let live. I can usually grab a Born rich movie rip in a night or two. Just leave your torrent program on at night. Blu-ray rips usually range from 2GB Really compressed 720p to 10GB Smooth quality 1080p. It depends on the encoder. I love to hate Apple, but this got me thinking about how Apple has refused to put BluRay in their PCs yes, PCs!. I first I thought it was just licensing Apple being cheap, but now Im realizing it is about consumer experience and if there isnt one thing that Apple does do well is try to ensure the consumer has the best experience possible. When you constantly have to update your player and potentially BluRay Drive on PCs as well with firmware updates just to get movies to play what a hassle. The fact Born rich movie a consumer even has to worry about these updates each time a new release comes out is a joke.

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