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Born supremacy the movie

Granted, in retrospect my comment was slightly more acerbic than necessary. Still, even for the least AV sensitive, I challenge anyone with a tiny HD set replete with crappy speakers to the 2001 BD vs. DVD Comparison. Several Kubrick movies use crazy color filters and audio which simply could not be conveyed using DVD coding. The difference is striking, as is the movie on BD. OK Im done writing like a Bluray evangelist. Look at the sales figures. Even with DRM and all the adverts the sales are through the roof. Proof that piracy doesnt hurt a thing. Release of crappy sloppily made movies is what hurts sales. If this is the case, why did you waste all that money on HD and BD equipment? BD is an order of magnitude better quality over DVD; Im guessing that in your case, something aint set up correctly or you would see it, too. Of course, it also could be that your sitting 20 away from the set, in which case it wont make much difference and kinda defeats the whole purpose. Then again, maybe youre one of those people who cant see Magic Eye 3D stereograms, either. Of course, I have had to fix the configuration of several friends TVs and players because they didnt have Born supremacy the movie set correctly and were disappointed with HD and/or BD quality. They were each pleasantly blown away once I corrected the settings, though. Did I miss something? My Avatar BluRay goes straight into the menu without a bunch of unskippable crap that ALL my other BluRay movies make me watch. I was actually pretty surprised to see that! OR you just want to believe that Blu-ray is so fantastic that it will BLOW EVERYONE AWAY!! Yes the picture is a little sharper, sure, but it isnt mind blowing. How exactly do you measure an order of magnitude by the way? To me it is slightly better than DVD, nothing to write home about and not worth the premium in my books. And please dont patronize me Mr. A/V God. I understand how to hookup components and fiddle with settings on a TV thank you very much. Just because I dont see what the big deal is with the hype behind Blu-ray doesnt mean Im a noob. 55 set, couch is 12 away. We are close enough. What I dont understand is why Blu-ray fan boys cant come to terms with the fact that not Born supremacy the movie people worship the format. It looks pretty good, lets leave it at that. Oh, I Born supremacy the movie all that money on equipment so I could watch movies in 3D at home. Its pretty cool actually, too bad the glasses are so expensive. Really I could care less about Blu-ray other than that is the only format for 3D movie viewing at the moment. I dont consider it a waste just because the picture quality doesnt wow me as much as it does you. I can still view movies in 3D and believe it or not there is additional content I view other than Blu-ray. Crazy I know, but I also watch TV and play games on the setup. What a waste of The operative words here, I believe. From what I understand from the comments, the inability to skip previews is dependant on which player and firmware you have. Just because youre not having Born supremacy the movie doesnt mean that the others here are lying. I have a blue ray rip and Avatar the was 1 gig in 720 format that I found out in the wild. You shouldnt comment without knowing what you are talking about. I own the movie Crank 2 on Blu-Ray and it take a bit to load which makes me not want to watch it much. I understand protecting your stuff but making it hard to play really sucks. This should not be the case when you pay an avg 10 more over a DVD. Please tell us the make and model of your DVD player that ignores UAP controls.

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