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Id love to get one. Samsung BD-C69 Ive yet to run across a preview or anything that I cannot use chapter skip on. I didnt realize it was this big of an issue for everyone else. I think there was 1 FBI warning on Pineapple Express that I couldnt skip. Nothing else comes to mind, and I ALWAYS skip that crap. Annoying as hell. I dont think anyone here is lying. Read the title of the comment Paul. Seems like a valid question to me. I just assumed everyone is complaining because they cant press the menu button and go straight to the movie menu, not that they cant skip the previews and crap one at a time. Worst case couldnt everyone just fast forward? That also works for me on everything except the copyright Born supremes movie FBI warnings. Add PS3 to the chapter-skipping list. You say that youve stopped fighting by refusing to buy their products. That, in itself, is a Born supremes movie of passive protest. Unfortunately, as you are but one in a billion, it will have little significant impact, but it is still fighting. If only more people would either a stop buying or b vocally protest, perhaps things will one day change. Without fighting, though, there will never be change. People might be aware of Born supremes movie issue of being unable to skip the anti-piracy message, but many are unaware that there is an alternative. This, sadly, is the Born supremes movie of complacency of the consumer. Ive talked with less knowledgeable people and they tend to feel that the message was required to be put there, so they dont feel Born supremes movie there is any recourse. But most regular consumers are unaware of the presence of DRM on a Blu-ray disc. I spoke with my brother-in-law who is a computer trainer and I was shocked when he said he never knew that there was Born supremes movie a thing. With all the press that DRM gets, most people just simply dont know about it. For most people, it really doesnt matter all that much to them such that they will research it. After all, they buy a DVD, they play the DVD and theyre happy. With Blu-ray, they buy a disc, they attempt to play the disc and, oh, ummm, it doesnt play. They either assume that there is something wrong with the disc or that it is incompatible. It seems that every manufacturer has that standard party line that some discs are incompatible with some players and people just accept it. These incompatibilities should not exist. They exist because the standard allows for changes and deviations. In one way, its nice, but it forces obsolesense, Born supremes movie the consumer. It also means that firmware updates are Born supremes movie way of the future.

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