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They do not decompose well, can produce toxic fumes during production and, lets admit it, not a lot of DVD and Blu-Ray owners actually recycle. So whats the best solution? Try By: Christine OKelly Companies that currently use DVD may be unsure whether to stick with that technology or move to Blu-Ray. They are understandably reluctant to change without knowing what the future will bring, but the technology is firmly established and will soon dominate the optical media market. The most often touted advantage of Blu-Ray is its greater resolution and support of HDTV movies. While most organizations arent producing Hollywood By: Matt Chang Dont you want to enjoy the same quality that you get when you go the theatres? Do you want to bring your favorite movies to life with a crystal clear picture and beautiful surround sound? Well, now you can thanks to the technology provided by the Blu-ray DVD. Blu-ray technology was designed with the purpose of being able to record and rewrite for high definition technology. These disks hold lots of data. With a Blu-ray disc you get more than five times the storage than a By: Matt Chang Have you heard a blu ray? Its the new technology that area one is talking about super clear video pictures. It really is the new wave of the 21st century. It looks pretty much like a regular DVD to one of the benefits is its huge storage capacity. Due to it huge storage space on the disc itself, this means that much more data can be stored which in terms means that clearer movies, music, mp3 etc can be achieved. Another great advantage of Blu-Ray is that, you can store your By: Thomas Pretty Blu ray is now the format of choice for movie buffs and film connoisseurs. It gives a more genuine, realists and faithful rendition of the film and gives the viewer the chance to see a movie exactly how it was supposed to be seen. In addition, by upgrading a DVD collection to Born to fight movie ray it is possible to future proof a collection, at least for the foreseeable future. But why do we need a Born to fight movie format? What makes it different form regular DVD and how does blu ray work? The following article will By: Art Gib Blu-ray and HD DVD discs and players have been on the market for years now. However; many were hesitant to make the jump because the impending death of one or the other was due. As most of us know, Blu-ray turned out to be champion. Many say it is because of the advanced technology, some say it is because of the PlayStation 3 but no matter what, Blu-ray is the best we have for the time being. Regardless, is it time to upgrade yet? Here are a few things to consider. By: Thomas Pretty Blu Ray is defined as the movie format of the future, giving the viewer a better experience in terms of both vision and sound. This high definition disc format is slowly entering peoples movie collections, particularly those collections owned by discerning movie buffs. Those who are using blu ray are the first to advocate its higher quality, better frame rate and greater viewing experience. In addition however, blu ray is seen by many as a way to elongate the lifespan of a By: Thomas Pretty Blu ray is now the film connoisseurs format of choice for watching movies as a more genuine and faithful rendition of exactly how directors want their films to be seen. Additionally, many film buffs are choosing Blu ray as a way to futureproof their collections. But what are the differences between this new format and the existing DVD format? Fundamentally the difference is a greater level of detail and the capacity of the Blu ray disc to hold far more information than its predecessor. By: Thomas Pretty The advent of Blu Ray is certainly upon us, it is slowly creeping into peoples Born to fight movie as the high definition video format of choice. Advocates are quick to assert that this new format is not only a better way to watch movies, but a way for collectors to protect their collections from future development; the term being bandied about is future proofing. But how does the Blu Ray format work? What makes it different from regular DVD? By: Shirley Stevens WE know you want to make the most of your new HD-ready flat screen TV and Born to fight movie new home cinema system, but there is no point in shelling out for a new Blu Ray movie, when you can just rent them instead. The leading online DVD rental services already have Born to fight movie selections of Blu-ray Discs in stock. Some UK DVD rental comparison sites will even list the number of Blu Ray Born to fight movie you can rent from the various DVD rental sites. A Blu-ray Disc is expensive to buy, By: Pablo Zedd High Definition is slowly taking the world by storm. When consumers were first introduced to the mind blowing visuals of HD, they were simply amazed. Blu-ray is leading this new innovations with its ability to read HD video. Of course the Blu-ray Associations faced its challenges, having to compete with HD-DVD which also provided the ability to read HD media. After a long race to the finish, HD-DVD developers, Toshiba had no choice but to back out after Blu-ray gained higher levels of support. By: Ben Anton DVDs continue to be the prominent medium for home theater entertainment. The technology is being refined and improved upon by a number of manufacturers, making its future slightly uncertain though it is definitely clear that it will continue is one format or another. Many of you have probably been hearing about Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs and their path as the next generation of DVDs. The discrepancies between the two are confusing many home theater buyers, so its important to know just By: Mikael Rieck There has been much hype about the war between Sonys Blu-Ray technology and the HD-DVD technology of Toshiba. Both are high definition digital video disc formats but then factor that will reveal the outcome of the war is what format will be most appealing to the consumers. Since the formats appeared in the market space which the did almost simultaneously, both have been a though sell to consumers because so far it hasnt been clear which one will come out on top on the By: seoprofessional Blu-Ray is the name of the most recent technological development for media storage. It is a totally new way of burning data into optical media discs, which elevates the entire playing field to a much higher level. The members of the Blu-Ray Disc Association BDA, a group of the worlds leading consumer electronics, personal computer, and media manufacturers, developed blu-Ray jointly. As of Sept.

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