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Born to run movie

Otherwise, I don t know about anyone else but I find commentaries generally a waste of time. I like discussin movies with everyone else, not sitting there listening to someone else rant on over the film. But I have an HD player. With the cool PHASER remote. I still want seasons 2 3 on HD. Now I ll have to go get a Blu-Ray player. Maybe even an HD TV. Hate the box art. I Born to run movie prefer each film to be released in its own case so that we can still appreciate the original artwork. Why did they also change the typeface for the original series? I like the box art a great deal. I am, however, perturbed that these are the theatrical releases. For ST II VI, that s a shame. Of course, it goes without saying that I wish Paramount Born to run movie come off the coin so Daren, et al, can re-render the ST:TMP effects in an HD-appropriate resolution. Wait You have an HD player but not an HD TV? The Wild Man of Borneo January 23, 2009 Change the typeface for the original series? Are you kidding me? That is the least of worries The question you should be askin is why the hell did Abrams change EVERYTHING in the new movie? Ok ok, I ll have to Born to run movie a new TV, and a Blu-Ray player, and the film box the one WITH ST V and TOS is this really worth getting flat broke for? What trilogy? We re way past trilogies Still I m loving the BD box with the earth and Star Fleet insignia. Love it Can t wait for the inevitable TNG remastered on blu-ray. I think I ll wait to upgrade all me DVDs until the 50th anniversary when they release all this stuff again. 3 Isn t THE CAGE on Season Three, like on the DVDs? I know that it s convenient to divide the six TOS movies into two trilogies but it s ironic that II-IV do actually constitute a trilogy in a way that TMP III and IV VI simply don t. Mind you, while STAR WARS divides neatly into Father Born to run movie Son trilogies there s also a Death Star trilogy that runs II IV. Also, original theatrical versions? Why would they want to do that when the Director s Editions of TMP and TWOK are there? I have all of TNG, DS9, VOY and the movies on DVD but I haven t bought the TOS remastered series on DVD cos I ve been waiting for the blu-ray. Now it s here I have to say I m a bit skeptical about TNG, DS9 and VOY on blu-ray I heard that although the episodes were filmed on film, they Born to run movie actually edited onto video. So in order to do a proper HD transfer, it would require going back to the original reels and basically piecing together every episode all over again. Hell of a lot of work, and I m not sure that Paramount/CBS Born to run movie actually go for it. Jim Smith: Well, supposedly the new visual fx for the TMP Director s Edition were only rendered in standard definition to save costs. So in order to get a HD version of TMP-DE they would have to re-do the effects again. But I guess that should be possible without too much effort read: costs if the original animation files used for the DE still exist. Maybe all the other changes for TWOK, TUC etc. on DVD were also only done in SD which is why Paramount is now returning to the old original film reels of the theatrical versions to do the bluray discs. Don tcha just sometimes wish that the people at Paramount/CBS cared about Star Trek and Star Trek fans the way Peter Jackson did, when it came to LOTR fans and the various DVD versions of those films? I have no doubt that these releases such as they are will be, in a word, okay. They will again, however, be in no way definitive.

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