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Its called channel stuffing. But over the long run, rising shipment numbers can only hold up if people are buying the product. No retailer is going to just keep accepting pallet after pallet of 3-D TVs with no buyers in sight. Those assets depreciate fast. And as the ABI report linked to above says, people are definitely buying HD televisions right now. If manufacturers simply start draining the supply of 2-D-only sets in favor of 3-D units which I think they are gradually starting to do, Born ultimatum movie 3-D sales will rise almost by default. But, again, it is worth highlighting the difference between shipped and sold. Cameron Coursey, associate vice president of product development with ATTs emerging devices division, speaks Tuesday at the Mobility Everywhere: Beyond the Smartphone panel discussion in Austin. Heres the full report from my southern sojourn, and its clear that the future is all about wireless devices everywhere. But after the panel discussion, I also had a chance to go tour some additions to ATTs research lab in Austin. I first wrote about the lab last year, but I was excited this week to go see new Home Reference Lab and the latest efforts by the U-verse TV team to optimize 3-D video signals. The home reference lab is basically the worlds most awesome man cave. The researchers had to build the room from scratch, transforming a one-time conference room into the Born ultimatum movie fun laboratory outside the Krispy Kreme test kitchen. The goal is to study what sorts of issues might pop up in an ATTs subscribers home as they add new devices and services to their network. Since the ATT lab building is a massive generator of wireless interference, the researchers had sheets of metal foil built into the walls to block outside signals, and then installed just about every imaginable piece of home theater gear. There are nine HD televisions, eight U-verse set top boxes, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and OnLive game consoles, a Blu-ray player, surround sound, Apple TV and more. Also, the chairs are very comfy. Sophisticated diagnostic equipment measures network performance, and the team can track which apps and devices are putting the heaviest loads on the network. Streaming video obviously is a big burden, but performance by device and source varies. That info is helpful when a customer calls to complain about a slowdown in their browsing speed. A tech can examine the draw on the customers Born ultimatum movie and suggest perhaps having Jr. dial back the BitTorrent downloads if dad needs to access a video presentation for work. Once Id wiped up my drool, I went to speak with Pierre Costa, who heads up the video encoder lab. Continue reading: At South by Southwest in Austin, Connected future envisioned for electronic devices Curious about these new 3-D televisions but arent sure youre actually ready to drop the cash? Hie thee to Frisco this weekend. Whats more, as Panasonic has nabbed exclusive rights at least for now to the 3-D Blu-ray version of Avatar, the demo will give you a chance to see what the home version of the film looks like in three dimensions. At the exhibit, youll also be able to Born ultimatum movie to win a Panasonic-powered 3-D home theater cornucopia that includes a Viera plasma screen, Blu-ray player, surround sound system, camera and camcorder. The event runs is open until 9 Friday night, then 10 to 9 Saturday, and noon to 6 Sunday. Time to warm up the Amazon account, cause there are some excellent films hitting Blu-ray over the next few weeks that should really show the value of high-definition video.

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