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Born yesterday movie label

Industry observers have long considered a sub-200 price point key to bridging the demarcation line separating early adopters from mainstream consumers. The Profile 1 NS-BRDVD player, which includes 100 in discount coupons on select Blu-ray movies, has been viewed as a conversation starter designed to spark consumer interest in high-definition packaged media, according to a spokesperson for Minneapolis-based Best Buy. In addition, the price drop, less than six weeks before Black Friday, when retailers traditionally slash prices on select consumer products heading into the holiday shopping season, follows a move by Target Corp. , which last week bowed an Olevia-brand Profile 1 player for James McQuivey, principal analyst with Forrester Research, said he is surprised by the price cut since Blu-ray manufacturers he spoke with in 2007 said it was not economically advantageous to go below 299, much less 2 The Samsung BD-P1500 is currently listed for between 200 and 300 on most sites, but Gizmodo received a tip that the unit should be available for 149 at Ultimate Electronics and likely other retailers for the unofficial kickoff of the Christmas shopping season. Home Media Magazine reports that Iron Man sold 2 million copies on DVD and more than 500, 000 copies on Blu-ray in the first week of availability. Those Blu-ray totals include 260, 000 day-one sales, a record for the platform. Iron Man is the now best-selling Blu-ray title of 2008, Home Media reports. Assuming The Dark Knights box office lead over Iron Man 526 million versus 318 million translates into an equivalent lead in Blu-Ray sales, then Dark Knight Blu-ray sales could top 800, 000 copies in the first week. Which just shows how far Blu-ray still has to go to catch up to DVD, since, as noted, Iron Man has already sold more than 7 million copies on that older format. Still, the relatively huge sales performance on Blu-ray for Iron Man and Dark Knight, presumably, should help win some converts to the technology. Of course, a 99 Blu-ray player would win a lot more converts, but that probably wont happen until next Christmas. Andrew D. SmithGuest blogger Starting Nov. 5, customers who put Blu-ray discs in their Netflix queues will be billed an extra 1 a month. A letter sent to customers this morning explained the surcharge thus: As you may know, Blu-ray movies are more expensive than standard definition movies. As a result, were going to start charging 1 a month plus applicable taxes, in addition to your monthly membership charge, for monthly access to Blu-ray movies. In reality, however, this and all other pricing decisions are made for exactly the same reason: companies think theyll make more with whatever price they charge than with any other price. Andrew D. SmithGuest blogger Amazon, Circuit City and other online sites have cut the price of the Sony BDP-S300 below 200, shipping included. The machine gets a three-star rating from CNet, which praised its excellent picture quality but panned its slow load times. This is the first Blu-ray player Ive seen below the 200 mark, but it wont be the last. But Favreau sounds like hes passing on some bit of gossip that he got from his butler, who heard it from his florist, who overheard a cell phone conversation at the bus station. So perhaps we should wait for official confirmation before getting too excited. Still, I suspect that my thesis that Iron Man and Dark Knight will goose Blu-ray player and movie sales will prove correct. The entry Iron Man director says Blu-ray version has already outsold all previous Blu-ray moviesis tagged: Blu-ray, Iron Man, Jon Favreau These are mega-blockbusters that should benefit tremendously from the higher resolution and better picture quality of Blu-ray compared to DVD, and would make great stocking stuffers for that new Blu-ray movie player Santa might deposit under your Christmas tree in a few months. On the other hand, Blu-ray players still remain much more expensive than regular DVD players, with no big price drops in sight, and I think its a safe bet that holiday shopping might be a bit more restrained this year than in previous years. Still, short of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings coming to Blu-ray and just what the heck is the holdup, George and Peter?, these are probably the biggest releases coming to Blu-ray anytime soon. If youre considering or have already bought a new high-def Blu-ray movie player, you probably want to know what titles are currently available on the format. According to a new study, consumer interest in high definition Blu-ray movie players is minimal: Blu-ray players are not flying off retailers shelves, at least not in the numbers the industry might hope for. A new consumer survey from ABI Research has revealed a widespread reluctance to commit to a Blu-ray player in the near future: over half of the 1000 respondents, citing other priorities, say they have no plans to purchase one; a further 23% are likely to buy, but not until sometime in 200 ABI Research principal analyst Steve Wilson says that much of the lukewarm response can be attributed to consumers perceptions about the value proposition that Blu-ray delivers. Consumers were happy to embrace standard DVD when that format arrived because the improvement in quality over VHS videotapes was dramatic. Standard DVD didnt require the purchase of a new TV either. In contrast, while half of the respondents to our survey rated Blu-rays quality as much better than standard DVD, another 40% termed it only somewhat better, and most are very satisfied with the performance of their current DVD players. Its easy to think of plenty of other reasons why Blu-ray is having a hard time finding traction, including the slow economy, the high price of Blu-ray movie discs compared to DVD movies, etc. But I wonder if, just because people are saying they dont plan to buy a Blu-ray player, some of them actually do end up purchasing them anyway. For one thing, how many of those people who said they have no plans to buy a Blu-ray player have plans to buy a PlayStation 3? Because if they do, then theyre buying a Blu-ray player.

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