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For example, Cuba has just lifted its ban on buying DVD movie players. But air conditioners remain prohibido until next year, and toasters yes, toasters are off limits until 2010, due to limited power supplies. Hooray for communism! Andrew D. SmithGuest blogger Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy told analysts in New York that the demise of HD DVD would inspire studios to unleash a torrent of titles on Blu-ray. He estimated that the Blu-ray library at his company would jump from 500 today to 1, 500 or more by years end. Unfortunately, the cost of buying all those Blu-ray discs, which are more expensive than regular DVDs, may cause Netflix to raise prices. It seems apparent that content will cost us more, said McCarthy, who was quoted in a VideoBusiness story. Whether we raise prices will be entirely a function of churn, subscriber acquisition costs and gross margins. The New York Times Freakonomics blog has an interesting post up where several tech and management experts ruminate over the triumph of Blu-ray and the fall of HD-DVD. While there are some interesting points made, I think most of the experts fall victim to the increasingly trendy notion that Blu-rays victory is merely one successful battle in an ultimately doomed war against online video downloads. Lets be clear: downloadable HD video is years, perhaps even decades, away from going mainstream. With HD-DVDs corpse not yet cold, the Blu-ray folks send word that theyll be at North East Mall in Hurst next month to show off all the cool features of their technology. While you could basically get the same demo by strolling into any Best Buy store, the Blu-ray show will be showcasing not-yet-released Blu-ray titles, including Finding Nemo, which should look fantastic in HD. Just in case you missed it, heres a collection of everything we wrote this past week about the death of HD-DVD and the rise of Blu-ray. Okay, okay, Ill elaborate a bit. With HD-DVD exiting the stage this week, many of the formats bitter supporters have tried to rain on Blu-rays victory parade, declaring the conquest a Pyrrhic victory in the face of Borne identity movie new imminent triumph of downloadable video. While streaming and downloadable video has a lot to recommend it, the technology is still years, if not decades, away from perfection. unfortunate soul who purchased an HD-DVD player and, worse, dropped a bundle on dozens of HD-DVD movies. While you might still be able to box that player Borne identity movie new up and return it to the store for a full refund, youre generally out of luck when it comes to opened movies, games and music. Repurchase all your HD-DVD movies on Blu-ray. Blech. Well, actually, there is an option three: rip your HD-DVD movies to your PCs hard drive, and then burn them to blank Blu-ray discs. But when the instructions admit up front that the process is simple in principle but excruciating in practice, youre probably best off going with options one or two. So youve had the its not you, its me talk with your recently purchased HD-DVD player, consigned the bewildered, bitter little device to that box marked yard sale, and are ready to start dating again. You could ring up your old flame, DVD, and try to patch things up with her, but what you really want to do is get the phone number of that hot Blu-ray technology youve heard so much about. Sure, shes a little more expensive and high maintenance, what with all the firmware updates and profile changes, but youre ready to get a little crazy, and hey, if your old college buddies Amazon and Best Buy are vouching for her, she must be sweet. which Blu-ray player should you take out to dinner? Hands-down, Sonys PlayStation 3 game console and Blu-ray player is your best option. Yeah, shes got a little extra junk in the trunk, but all that extra girth holds a super fast processor and graphics card that makes your movies launch much faster than most standalone players. The visual quality is superb, and, best of all, the PS3 has built in WiFi and Ethernet adapters so you can update to new firmware versions as Borne identity movie new become available and unlock new capabilities. Few of the standalone players are so versatile, and many of them still cost more than the PS And there are some complaints that the PS3s isnt able to accommodate all the latest audio formats that the most committed obsessive home theater addicts crave. But trust me, this is the Blu-ray player you can take home to meet your mother, as long as she doesnt get embarrassed by the fact that your new Borne identity movie new likes to play video games. In announcing the decision to fold, Toshibas president said it was still uncertain what will happen with the Hollywood studios that signed to produce HD DVD movies, including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation.

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