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Smaller Lexus have a lot in common with Toyota Camrys. My Dads new Maserati Granturissimo has many of the same key parts as they Ferrari F4 For those who dont want the upmarket chassis and for those connecting via HDMI the Oppo is a KILLER solution for a LOT less money. For those who want a more fancy chassis and build quality there is the Lexicon. Let the customers decide. PS: we have an Oppo BD-83SE review being fact checked now and we also have the NuForce mod of the unit in for review. Those should go live in the coming weeks and months. Posted on January 19, 2010 11:53 AM Cool so if one wants a nicer casing they should get the Lexicon. This seems sensible Jerry and its great to get such a balanced perspective. Seems like a nice player and a nice site you have here. Posted on January 19, 2010 3:49 PM Oppo said that Harmans engineers helped them make the video section of their player better. They also said that THX helped to make the unit better because of the Lexicon project. Those changes have been made to the Oppo player as well but to suggest that Harman didnt do anything to improve the player is factually incorrect. Posted on January 19, 2010 4:45 PM I could understand using the Oppo as a transport and making several changes/improvements then Lexicon calling it theirs, most companys use parts made by others in their completed product, but to simply take an entire player complete with chassis throw it in a nicer case add your name on the splash screen and call it good then charge 7 times as much is a shameful thing for a company such as Lexicon. It isnt like this is two Wal-mart 95 DVD players using the same parts and suppliers. Also for the reviewer to say that there is a visual difference in blacks and color palletes is frankly shameful as well they are the same player other than the upgraded analog section on the SE version tested. Posted on January 19, 2010 4:53 PM Amidst all of your posturing, you have failed to address the two very major points that were brought to light by the Audioholics review. 1 Looking at the pictures its easy to see that the Lexicon is literally an Oppo wrapped in Lexicon clothing, right down to the original Oppo chassis. Performance measured identically, and even the menu structure is identical save for a couple non-performance related items. Given this, its hard to see where Ken saw any real performance differences aside from placebo effect. Yet even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, you are sticking to your guns and insisting that the Lexicon offers better performance over the Oppo, which simply doesnt pass the common sense test. Hypothesizing about possible improvements doesnt make it so, and frankly Lexicons inability to point out a single actual difference between the units that would yield different/better performance has not helped their/your case. 2 Although the Lexicon is supposedly THX certified, the analog-outs on the unit fail to crossover the bass at the THX standard of 80Hz. I wont re-hash that issue as its covered extensively in the Audioholics article. Ultimately we are all human and we make mistakes. Given the evidence, it appears that Ken made one in reporting a performance difference and hence justifying the large price differential where none exists. If solid evidence is found that supports a possible performance difference between both machines, people will be open to it. If someone slaps a 700% price increase and a different shell on a piece of equipment, its very fair for any potential buyer to ask for objective performance differences that justify the price. Its also fair for those reading a review to question the results when no objective data is published to support those results.

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