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Borne supremacy movie tracks

Im looking forward to hearing your direct answers regarding each of these issues. Posted on January 19, 2010 5:14 PM If what is published in the Audioholics article is substantially correct, it is indeed disappointing that Lexicon made mostly/only cosmetic changes to the Oppo platform. My personal evaluation of Borne supremacy movie tracks Oppo player in my system indicated that while it is decent, its not quite as Borne supremacy movie tracks as its proponents make it out to be. An unmodified Oppo is perhaps worth Oppos asking price, but its certainly not worth Lexicons asking price unless there are a whole lot of changes that have been hidden from observers so far. At the same time, its been very disappointing to read the many mean-spirited, spiteful, and downright vicious comments and remarks that have been posted about people who are only indirectly involved in this controversy. The web allows for the Borne supremacy movie tracks flow of information, but it also allows people to feel that they can expose their hatefulness and neuroses without consequence. Polite Borne supremacy movie tracks and Borne supremacy movie tracks differences of opinion seem to have vanished from our society. Thats very sad. I hope you will continue to allow polite criticism and divergent opinions. I certainly cant fault you for summarily removing all previous remarks due to certain individuals inability to refrain from unleashing their inner jackass. Posted on January 19, 2010 5:38 PM I dont agree with some of the purely personal attacks Borne supremacy movie tracks against various people. However, HTR seems to have lumped anyone that offered objective criticism in with a few negative people as a way of avoiding several pointed, valid questions. Yes, we underestand the personal attacks were uncalled for. However that doesnt alleviate Lexicon, HTR, or Ken from explaining some of the rather glaring disparities that have been pointed out. The only situation in which those explanations cant be given is if there is something to hide, which I hope isnt the case! Posted on January 19, 2010 6:33 PM I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about discourse. From Newts Contract with America to You are either with us or against us from our former Commander in Chief to Rush Limbaugh and many others the idea of being able to discuss differing opinions is seemingly gone. Everything is black and white in a world loaded with shades of gray. In the old days of Washington politics Senators could battle it out all day on the hill and then go pound a few scotches while discussing the issues of the day. Nobody is giving Harman credit for helping Oppo make the player better. Oppo said its true to me DIRECTLY today. THX helped as well. Both on the video front. Posted on January 19, 2010 6:37 PM Ken has the flu and but wants to post when he is feeling a little better. As for his opinions I am sticking with them. His experience reviewing nearly 12 Blu-ray player and having owned or reviewed ALL of the best AV preamps from the Anthem D2v to the Meridian 861v4 to the Krell Evo 707 to the Classe SSP-800 gives him insight that I think if you look into the more audiophile reviewers they simply dont have. If you dont want to agree with Ken thats cool with me and likely Ken. Some of the stuff Ken told me and note: I didnt do the review was that the player is notably more quiet. Its built better. The menus were better or easier as I remember what he told me. Once again, I will allow him to comment. As for the analog output, I have been told no player really does proper bass management from the analog outs. Its for more audiophile use. The old Outlaw ICBM was a good solution in the OLD days of DVD-Audio but today you just use HDMI. People attacked Ken as a reviewer. They attacked him as a doctor. They attacked our publication which has gone from ZERO to 303, 000 monthly readers source: Google Analytics in 18 months. They attacked Peter Tribeman. They attacked everyone. Is anyone questioning the other publications involved? SELLS the Oppo and not the Lexicon. That is fact.

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