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Regarding pulling the posts I made the decision and stick by it. I should have had more stringent standards for posting but I wanted more comments to get the publication going. I didnt expect the cyber-terrorism, libel and brand bashing that we saw over Borne ultimatum movie issue. Please note: I changed the technology with in 48 hours over a weekend and reopened the review to posts once people couldnt just make up an email address. Flaming like a loser might be OK on some forums but not on I am sure you understand that. Posted on January 19, Borne ultimatum movie 6:46 PM You didnt directly respond to HogPilots 2 points in the post from 5:14PM. 1 On AVSForum, you said once again that Ken says in his review that the Oppo is sufficient for most does he say that? Please be specific. 2 On AVSForum, you mentioned the THX certification as if it still applies. Please address the facts that the Lexicon does not pass THX benchmarks and Lexicon took the THX certification info off their website. Please address my 2 points and HogPilots 2 really would like answers to these. Posted on January 19, 2010 7:04 PM Firstly, are you saying that you talked to Oppo and that they told you that there are in fact performance-related improvements in the BD-30 over the BDP-83SE? Aside from the claim that the Lexicon is quieter which isnt out of the realm of possibility since they Borne ultimatum movie the Oppo in another skin, Id like to know what specifically Lexicon improved as compared to the BDP-83SE to warrant the 700% price increase. Again, given the overwhelming evidence that indicates that the Lexicon and the Oppo are physically identical save some aesthetic differences, its hard for anyone to swallow that that the former still outperforms the latter without some sort of objective data pointing to why. That could be measurements, that could be proof of parts being different. But making claims that fly in the face of a significant body of facts and then asking people to simply believe it because we say so has been never been a basis for good reporting. Im sure you understand that. Posted on January 19, 2010 7:12 PM I was pretty sure that Ken made it clear that for many users the Oppo is perfectly reasonable. For those looking for a better build quality there is the Lexicon as an option. If it isnt in the review he has told it to me on the phone. Nevertheless, I said it here. I was told by Harman TODAY that the unit passed THX Certification. I also spoke with Oppo about what they learned Borne ultimatum movie THX who has made their spec much harder these days for video and Blu-ray. Note: I didnt write the review so I am going on what people have told me on a number of these issues. My sources include Harman, Oppo and Ken himself. Posted on January 19, 2010 7:25 PM If Harmon did in fact help the Oppo engineers make their player better, and the changes were made to both players, doesnt that make them identical? Arent we back where we started, with Lexicon putting a different case on a stock Oppo and making no other changes before marking it up 700%? Posted on January 19, 2010 7:27 PM Reviews are subjective. If you dont see the value Dont buy the unit. Its that simple. You are the consumer and you have the POWER! We dont do measurements. Didnt when I owned and dont at Its been our editorial model for years and has served me and my business well.

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