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Did Borneman german imigrant movie of the other reviews test program material? Wouldnt it be funny if the Lexicon and or the Oppo made the best sound and picture out there yet the Geek Squad from the forums went crazy over it? Moreover, do you think that MORE or LESS high end AV will get sold if so-called exposes are done on who makes what platforms for who? Projectors are often rebadged. AV preamps are made by VERY FEW companies with software changes being the main difference. Transports are clearly a hot topic. Whats wrong with the forum geek squad is what my mentor, Mark Levinson, taught me more than a decade ago about why audiophiles SUCK. They are exclusive. They are snobs. They love the gear more than the equipment. Gotta go. Have a great night. Posted on January 19, 2010 8:06 PM Copy you have no Borneman german imigrant movie of differences. If you had such a list, publishing it would have been infinitely easier than continually dancing circles around my very direct questions. I guess the Borneman german imigrant movie geek squad what happened to no name calling? will have to look elsewhere for Borneman german imigrant movie reviews based in Borneman german imigrant movie fact. Ill also forward your comments on to Audioholics as Im sure theyll want to respond to your unsupported claims that theyre lying in order to benefit financially. The irony is that review sites like yours rely on advertising money that comes from the manufacturers whose gear they assess. Posted on January 19, 2010 8:17 PM First off the not so well hidden insinuations that Audioholics is doing this in order to run down lexicon to pump up oppo sales is petty and quite frankly prepostorous, I can buy an Oppo directly from Oppo themselves no need for Audioholics for this, and I own Lexicon gear the market that Lexicon gear appeals to is different as you yourself said they are not competing for sales. You speak about improvements that Lexicon made but say you dont do measurements and to date the only proof of any measuring shows their identical audio and Borneman german imigrant movie wise. You speak of better build quality the only difference in that area is strictly visual the outside case, sorry but that doesent add up to 700% increase in price. Getting to the THX issue if indeed the BD-30 passes testing for THX then so should the Oppo they simply are no different, in fact you state here in your own words that Quote:Oppo said that Harmans engineers helped them make the video section of their player better. They also said that THX helped to make the unit better because of the Lexicon project. Those changes have been made to the Oppo player as well. If indeed these changes whatever they are have been applied to both players then the Oppo should pass the stringent THX testing as well, but for some odd reason only the Lexicon got the THX stamp of approval, Something stinks here!! I have a feeling a lawsuit or two may well be in the works. Posted on January 19, 2010 8:36 PM Jerry I think its good that you put the comments back up so quickly and I agree that flaming really should not be tolerated anywhere. I also think though that people should be able to disagree constructively, thats one of the big advantages of being able to discuss an article. I have been following this story closely and have done a lot of digging to find out as much as I can so here is my take. And since people on this site seem to like throwing around their qualifications I have a BS and MS in mechanical engineering so Id like to think Im no dummy at least. What really has people fired up here is the blatant price gouging on the part of Lexicon.

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