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Yes rebadging is common, Borneo sex movie tube 8 is nothing new, and if Lexicon had taken the Oppo innards, put them inside their fancy case and charged say 700 bucks for it? people would probably be fine with that, get the Oppo if you want value or the Lexicon or if you willing to spend a little more and want a fancy case, no big deal. Its when they charged 3000 more for it that people got really steamed. And they show some real guts or idiocy more likely, by evidently not changing a single thing on the Oppo, as yet they are unable to demonstrate that they have. Now, perhaps they did have some input on the design of the Oppo unit, so what? They are still charging 3500 for a player that is functionally identical to a 500 dollar Oppo. For one thing I find it unsurprising Borneo sex movie tube 8 they dont say what it is they did exactly, for all we know they asked Oppo to change the screw pattern on the bottom so it would match up with their 3000 dollar case better, we simply dont know. But because theyre charging so much we should just assume it must have been something pretty special, right? That is how some of these audiophile companies work, snakeoil, if its really expensive Borneo sex movie tube 8 it must be good. Likewise they are currently claiming that they did change the internals to improve them and justify their price increase but to date they have provided zero documentation to back this claim up. Not a single graph, schematic, photograph, chart, nothing, not one thing. Yet they must have done a lot one would assume, because they are charging 3000 bucks more for it, strange that its taking them so long to document it in any I think you are right that this is a product clearly aimed a different market than the Oppo and lets be clear about what that market is. This is for people who are paying 30, 000 bucks for a custom install and simply check the box for the 3500 dollar Lexicon blu-ray player without doing any research to determine if its worth it. They Borneo sex movie tube 8 assume because the salesman tells them its good and they trust the reputation of the brand that it must be good. Anyone who does any research will realize what a ripoff it is. Finally I have to touch on the quality of this review. I want to say first that I really am not trying to flame and am being as polite as possible. Im sure Ken is a nice guy and smart but his review is nothing but fluff. All he did was plug the unit into his system, play around with it for a bit and then write his opinions. How about actually testing this unit? Use some actual equipment, meters, scopes, etc. Tear the thing apart and tell us about the hardware inside, why this chip is better, how it compares to other units, etc. The fact is, again, while he may be a smart guy, he has no particular training or experience in this area, hes a medical doctor. So while he can write some fancy words about a product when it comes down to serious analysis he falls on his face. He also seems to be biased, I think he is predisposed to saying expensive products are Borneo sex movie tube 8 than cheaper ones, even if, as in this case, there is no difference performance wise. Consumers read reviews to get unbiased opinions, not someone telling them a 3500 dollar player is the better one when its Borneo sex movie tube 8 the same as a 500 dollar one. This is where the readers have been let down by this article. I can tell you if I spent 3500 bucks of my hard earned money because I trusted Kens review I would be furious if I found out later Id been basically hoodwinked. Posted on January 19, 2010 9:02 PM Jerry, I find you comment on audiophiles insulting. I thought we are the group of client Lexicon and you need our support most. My room is full of high end gear, but after all this, i m filling my pockets with more common sense than money. Its a wakeup call for all of those caring about the value of their audio gear. We can go to 100 comments here, without having any real questions answered. I hope Lexicon will provide some answers. Posted on January 19, 2010 9:11 PM To Hog you are looking for an argument and to twist my words. Make yourself happy. I spoke of s motives.

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