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Better chassis. Less jitter. Less noise as I have been taught. I am not an EE. The Lexicon passes THXs VERY TOUGH certification. Oppo hasnt but likely would. The Lexicon and Oppp are sold to COMPLETELY different distribution channels. Oppo is an OEM unit and sold direct. The Lexicon is sold to brick and mortar and custom installers. Both are HIGHLY successful. Question for you Hog what Horse do you have in the race? If you think the Oppo is a better value why not buy it? I did but ken has it for review but will Bornova mall movie schedule izmir it back NuForce mods. If the Lexicon is a stiff as you suggest wouldnt it die on the vine? We are the consumers. We vote with our economic ballots. That isnt enough? We need stores doing expose stories YET somehow MY publications reputation is in question? Surely, you must be joking. Surely, you have better things to do with your time? If Bornova mall movie schedule izmir will you moderate a forum for me? Posted on January 20, 2010 4:07 PM You are a master of communicating virtually nothing with so many words. Why cant you answer my question directly? You say more quiet wrap one Bornova mall movie schedule izmir inside of another, thicker shell, youll tend to get that. Not rocket science. You say, build better. Better chassis. Less jitter. Provide proof of less jitter do you even know how to measure this or have the equipment? As with everything else, it must be true simply because you say so, right? At the end of all of your stabbing in the dark, you still have absolutely zero substantive proof that would indicate a single performance-related difference between two machines. Yet you and Ken maintain that the more expensive one is still better. Surely, you must be joking. Surely, you dont think that the average IQ of your readers is so low that if you repeat something enough, you can get them to believe it even in the face significant evidence to the contrary? How could such behavior not call your publications reputation into question? As for the invitation to moderate a forum for me the reigns to yours. Let me run the comment boards. Oh pretty please, with a cherry on top. And maybe some magic stones underneath the dish to really bring out the depth and sibilance of the glorious flavor that would be. Posted on January 20, 2010 4:28 PM I truly feel your are just like me, desperate to see if you can get Jerry to finally give you a straight answer. He either is dodging the direct questions intentionally, or he is just not understanding what were hard as that is to believe. Youve fought a good stuck with it longer than I could. : I honestly dont think youre ever going to hear what you need to hear.

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