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I Bornova mall movie schedule you make a lot of good points, however I do think youre being a little generous with your Mercedes analogy as it applies to Jerry/Kens position. I think a better analogy is that Mercedes is offering a new car for 350, 000 that they claim is based on a Dodge that costs 50, 0 Ken drives the Mercedes and the sport edition of the Dodge and says he feels that the Mercedes performed better. Its then discovered that ther Mercedes IS the stock Dodge, with different body panels, but Ken still says that the Mercedes performs better due to special, unnamed mods and Jerry backs him without providing so much as a hint as to what Bornova mall movie schedule mods are. The tangential discussion of polite discourse thats arisen has frustrated me somewhat. Jerry talks about keeping the discussion positive and lively, yet he shows a complete lack of respect for anyone here who has asked a tough question by glossing over it or trying to divert the discussion with irrelevant analogies and fluff. Dont whine about discussions turned sour when you not you personally Aaron, but you Jerry dont have the basic respect to Bornova mall movie schedule reasonable, applicable questions that are raised in the course of the conversation. Even if Jerry told us that hes in contact with Lexicon and attempting to find out what makes the BD-30 Bornova mall movie schedule as opposed to the BDP-83SE, at least it would show that he cares enough to find more information for his Bornova mall movie schedule when its lacking. That is, if he thinks hes in the business of pushing out product-related information that pertinent to the end-user. Posted on January 20, 2010 3:53 PM Respectfully, I cant keep up with the pace of comments on this story. I am VERY GLAD that the comments are from REAL USERS not people trying to hijack the credibility of Peter Tribeman from Atlantic and Outlaw and formerly NAD and beyond. Ken Taraszka is going to comment a little more on the topic very soon. I hope you find this useful. Has everyone seen the Blu-ray 0 story? Its the lead for this weeks email. Its pretty meaningful to the future of audiophile formats and written by a TRUE INSIDER Garry Margolis. Posted on January 20, 2010 3:53 PM You, Ken, and Lexicon state that there are differences between the BD-30 and BDP-83SE that result in superior performance from the BD – What are those differences? Well start with that one so you dont get lost amidst a high pace of rapid fire questions. Posted on January 20, 2010 3:57 PM Some people pay for the extra goodies. How Bornova mall movie schedule of the reviewers at Stereophile and or have AV preamps like the Anthem D2v, Meridian 861v4, Krell Evolution 707 and Classe SSP-800? Ken has owned them all. He has done nearly 12 HD disc player reviews in his career. Is it possible that other surround sound editors got their player in 2009? Is it possible that other publications only took photos of the player without careful listening? Isnt the end Bornova mall movie schedule what matters even if we are discecting the Nth degree of performance at TREMENDOUS price differences? Posted on January 20, 2010 4:01 PM Ken is going to answer your questions hog as HE did the review not me. i have never played with a Lexicon other than at CEDIA in passing. The transport on the Lexicon is more quiet which is something that both Brian Kahn and Ken have commented on re: the Oppo. The build quality of the Lexicon is better.

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