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No stranger to mental illness, the wary young woman brushes the visions aside as part of the inherent stress of making the transition from housewife to working, single mom. As time goes by and the apparent haunting does not subside, the apartments new residents are forced to examine the history of its former tenants. Dark Water also features performances from John C. Reilly, Tim Roth, and Dougray Scott. Tracie Cooper, Rovi Feature Borsalino the movie ; Deleted scenes Dahlia at the laundromat/Ceci Analayzing Dar Water scenes Blue Robe/Wall of Water; Movie Showcase:; Instant access to select movie scenes that showcase the ultimate in high definition picture and sound; Seamless menus Be Honest With Yourself This Building Is Falling Apart Portions of content provided by All Movie Guide, a trademark of All Media Guide, LLC Sign up for savings, news, updates. Please enter a valid email address. Were having trouble saving your address. Please try again. Thank you. A welcome email has been sent. On Facebook, Twitter or RSS About B N Investor Relations Barnes Noble, Inc. Careers at Your essential source for the latest news on the intersection of Wall Street and Washington. Were Borsalino the movie going to have the Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war to kick around anymore. This morning, Toshiba announced that it would stop making HD DVD players and recorders, a surrender that yields the market to the rival Blu-Ray format. A statement on Toshibas Web site attributed the decision to recent major changes in the market, which is a grotesquely understated way of stating that movie studios, video rental stores and electronics retailers had spent the last month and a half pounding nails in HD DVDs coffin. Its hard to imagine that HD DVD could once have been the Borsalino the movie contender. It did, after all, reach stores months before Blu-ray – and did so with dramatically cheaper players. Microsoft had even anointed it as the high-def disc format of the future. But after that head start, most of HD DVDs best features were either unexploited or unadvertised: So now we have the more expensive format, with less backwards compatibility and with more stringent usage restrictions. I cant quite feel like celebrating. If youve bought into HD DVD or Blu-Ray, how did todays news hit you? Id also like to hear from people who had shied away from both formats until the industry would make up its mind-are you ready to go high-def disc shopping, or are you going to stick with DVDs or try out high-def video downloads? Update: Great comments, everybody! If youd like to expand on them, my colleague Mike Musgrove is working on a story for tomorrows paper about the demise of HD DVD and would like to talk to you. You can reach him by e-mail at Being an early adopter, the risk was always there, I have both a PS3 and xbox 360 with HD-DVD add-on. Ive only bought a few HD-DVDS but guess what, they still play in my add-on no matter what announcements have been made. The way I see it I was able to enjoy well over a year of quality HD titles exclusive to HD-DVD including Transformers, the Bourne trilogy, and the extras on 300 that did not ship on the Blu-Ray version. I think Ill stick with my upconverting DVD player/recorder until a Blu-ray recorder comes along at a reasonable price. This of course assumes Id be allowed to record HD content of course. If that isnt possible, Ill probably just get an Apple TV or some equivalent and download my HD content. Blu-ray may have won the battle, but Im guessing downloadable content wins the war. We got a fairly inexpensive HD-DVD player from Toshiba, and I guess now we have a nice upconverting DVD player. I share your sentiments on the drawbacks of blu-ray. I coaxed my parents into buying an HDDVD player when Wal-Mart had discounted them to 1 I dont regret them having one, as NPR mentioned this morning: People will be able to scoop up HDDVDs Borsalino the movie nearly 10 per disc before theyre all gone forever. But, while it is worse in many ways, BRD is also better in several. It has significantly more storage space per disc, which will help as technology progresses to higher and higher definitions and file sizes. Most of HDDVDs touted features like interactive menus will be in BRDs newest specification. I think, in the long run, BRD was the right format. Its just going to be DRM-intensive and The next DVD player I buy will probably be a Blu-Ray player, but only if I can find one for 150 or less. I guess it depends on when my current DVD player 5 years old stops working. My LCD TV, purchased 18 months ago, is only 32 and does not have 1080p resolution. So I dont think Id see literally the benefits of Blu-Ray on my TV. But if a Blu-Ray player is affordable, Ill upgrade and slowly build a Blu-Ray collection.

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