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Now is a good time to stock up your movie library. As for Blu only one Id buy right Borsten the movies is a PS Theres no telling how long it will be before the BDA starts releasing profile 0 players. It saddens me to know that with all the real problems going on in this world, and the Borsten the movies prices we pay for Borsten the movies from, food, gas, rent, etc that these movie studios couldnt come to realize that HD DVD was best for us, the consumers?!? Cheaper price, same picture, more toys and whistles than blueray?!? All they cared about was the, and we are the ones standing outside looking in! Just my thoughts! LMAO at people who give benefits to having owned a HD Player. It gave me great memories. At least i can Give in, you made a dumb choice, live with it Borsten the movies dumb. Now go get your PS3 and shove your 360 in a dumpster. I am curious as to the HD downloads mentioned by the disappointed HD-DVD fans. Is this uncompressed HD, or compressed so much that it looks like 480p? Yup, bought the 360 add-on, cheap. Got Serenity of course, and a handful of other HD-DVD only titles. This article describes exactly how I feel. HD-DVD was the cheaper and more consumer-friendly choice all around, and it what does that tell you? I guess people want region coding, high cost, and planned quick-cycle obsolesence when 0 1 0 keeps breaking backwards compatibility. Ah Nighthawk, perhaps you are the one that needs to get your facts straight. First, Warner Home Video announced in early January that it would stop releasing new titles in both HD DVD and Blu-ray. Wrong. Warner announced that they would be dropping support for HD DVD only on June He didnt say they would drop their support in January. He said that they announced it in January. As in, it was in the month of January, they said that would So now we have the more expensive format, with less backwards compatibility and with more stringent usage restrictions. Blu-ray discs have been priced the same as the HD DVD discs. You even stated it earlier in your post the only exception were those hybrid HD DVD/DVD Combo discs which were typically priced 5 more Borsten the movies the non-combo HD DVDs. The DISCS may be comparably priced, but the players were not. BRD players were ALWAYS priced higher than HDDVD players were, sometimes to the tune of a couple hundred bucks. Both formats Borsten the movies backwards compatible with DVDs and CDs. Hes talking about the ability, or in this case, the IN-Ability for first gen.

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